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One thing I will be doing much more often is stopping random people in street for skin and hair care recommendations.  If I hadn't had the courage to ask the beautiful flight attendant for her skin care regimen, I would never stumbled on this wonderful little gem.

If you recall, the stewardess was gushing over how much Johnson's baby oil gel softened her skin.  After gliding my finger across her forearm, I was sold.  At the very next opportunity, I skipped on over to the store to pick up a bottle.  Quite honestly, I was a bit taken a back when I first looked at the product.  It kinda reminded me of hair gel.  The last thing I wanted to do was rub hair gel all over my body.

But I stepped forward anyway.  Squeezing a little into my hand and rubbing along my dry skin.  Knowing that the driest months are ahead, I was hoping this could provide deep moisture where I need it most.  Johnson's Baby Oil Gel did not disappoint.  Yes, it's thick but somehow manages to glide on easily and evenly.  Once rubbed into the skin, the gel leaves behind a really nice shine. A little bit really goes a long way. And yes, my skin is left soft and pretty like the gorgeous flight attendant.  I adore Johnson's baby oil gel.  It eradicated my horribly dry skin in just moments and left it feeling moisturized for a very long time.

If you battle dry skin each winter, do me a favor and grab some of this.  Your skin will thank you.


  1. Baby oil gel is amazing if you apply it after a shower, before you step out on wet skin and then pat dry. It's not as greasy, it seems to sink into the skin a little more.

  2. Baby oil gel can substitute for lube too, I think.

  3. OMG I loved this gel when I was up in the US, especially in the winter months. I used to put it on just after showering on WET skin, then I'd pat my skin dry with a towel, my skin remained moisturized for the whole day, and that's saying something in DRY ARID New Mexico!

  4. And also, if you want to get the TRULY best effect...put it on some freshly exfoliated skin! Melts and sinks in like butter!

  5. I just bought it and been using it for a few weeks now. So far so good I haunt used i on wet skin yet but I will try it soon. What I do want to know is after using it on wet skin and i wipe it off do I have to moisturize with a different moisturizer again. Cause after I put it on I put on socks and leggings and it keeps my skin soft and moisturized.

  6. My skin remains very dry during the winter days and needs a lot of care from me. It started itching when I don't care or apply some oil immediately. I would love to use this skin gel if it works better than the previous ones that I have used. However, adult skins are totally different than the babies. There is absolutely no similarity in between them. So applying some easy and low quality products create more problem in the body after that. As babies struggle to learn walk, they fell down on the floor several times which make the skin unhygienic. Well, I will definitely buy this product for the trial.


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