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Confession.  Every fall and winter, I do something horrible.  I allow the excuse of having covered feet to release me of my responsibilities of caring for them.  They no longer become a priority once I put away my open toed sandals.

Months pass. Then suddenly, my desire for healthy looking feet takes over.  But by then, I've got to work double just make them presentable to the world again.  But this fall will be different. Instead of being neglectful, I plan on proactively carrying out a plan to nurture my feet.  Good thing I came across my new fave, Johnson's Baby Oil Gel.   Shout out to all of you who left comments on my previous post on using the Baby Oil Gel on damp skin for maximum effect.

Then of course there's good ole' fashion petroleum jelly for maximum moisture retention.  Rubbing a little petroleum jelly on the bottoms of your feet then putting on some comfy socks before bed does wonders for dry, cracked heels.  I opt to go for a natural alternative because I think there's something unique the bottoms of our feet. Meaning, I think they have they are likely to absorb chemicals into the body.  I read somewhere that our feet have large pores (that's why they sweat in hot temperatures).  I tried a weird fever home remedy once,  that involved wrapping bags containing raw egg whites around my feet.  

I reluctantly tried it because I was dealing with an uncomfortable fever and I was desperate. Once the bags were on my feet, I feel asleep. When I woke up, the fever was gone.  Although I didn't know what happened, I made the assumption that the bottom of our feet wasn't just old dead skin but was highly permeable.  Think about those foot detox pads.  They claim to remove toxins from the body through the soles of our feet.  Long story short, I prefer to use natural products like pure coconut oil or this Un-Petroleum Jelly, on my heels & the bottoms of my feet, whenever possible.

Last, but most certainly not least, my feet would be disastrous if I weren't consistently exfoliating on a regular basis.  Many thanks to "yasjecon" for her video that inspired me take on the habit of exfoliating every day.  Things haven't been the same since.  Exfoliating with a buffer pad every day in the shower has transformed my feet.  When the weather is extra dry I like to add a little of my Shea Sugar scrub to take things up a notch.  I also realized that I can utilize the Clarisonic Pro to aid in the war against dry feet.  This enhanced Clarisonic system comes with a body brush and extended handle that makes it easy to reach my feet while in the shower.  I realize that Clarisonic came out with a Pedi Sonic Brush system made especially for feet but I'll try this method out first before checking it out.

Next, I'm on to researching ways to create the healthiest toenails I can possibly have.  You bet I'll be sharing my tips on what worked for me once I experience results.

Be blessed.

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  1. Great post - really insightful about the feet being connected to releasing toxins. I'm a big fan of using only natural products, I can imagine slathering coconut oil on your feet before bed will leave them super soft!

    Drea xo


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