The Warm Green Smoothie | A better way to start your morning.

Yesterday, I met a couple of friends at Panera Bread for breakfast.  Before chatting we each something to eat.  I thought I'd do the honorable thing and order a healthy option to start my day.  My meal consisted of an egg with avocado slices placed on a bed of spinach and a green kale smoothie.  My friends, on the other hand,  each chose to indulge in chocolate covered pastry.   One of them looked over at my smoothie and asked "...a cold drink in the morning?"

I knew exactly why that question was asked.  They are Asian and, in their culture, it's best to start the day with a warm beverage.  This practice of drinking something warm in the morning brings multiple health benefits including boosting our metabolism, kick starting our digestive system, detoxification, increased circulation, etc.  If you think about it, warmth tends to open everything up. Steam opens up our pores and the cuticle layer of our hair.  Warm temperatures increase circulation and sweating.  All of this is really good for us.

My friend was right.  If I had a choice for my morning beverage between something hot or cold. Hot is a better option (especially during the cooler months).  So this morning I decided to make a "warm green smoothie" at home. Basically, I wanted similar benefits to the green morning smoothie while kickstarting my bodies' internal detoxification and stimulation systems.  I warmed water on the stove and removed it before it reached boiling point.  Then I added a little collagen powder knowing that the warm temp of the water would dissolve the powder in a flash.
Then I blended in a green powder fusion that is highly alkalizing.  I'm actually experimenting with this green powder blend because it will soon become a part of the Beautifully Bamboo family.  It contains super greens such as wheat, barley, alfalfa grasses and sea greens (spirulina, chlorella) along with kale and bamboo silica.  I'm still formulating so the final product may contain even more amazing ingredients when the green blend actually goes live.

Then I added a little lemon to take this blend to the next level.  Lemon also works to alkalize the body and the vitamin C works synergistically with the collagen powder and silica in the bamboo extract to help stimulate the production of collagen.
Everything blended together so easily, which is exactly what I wanted.   Best of all, the green fusion is extremely mild which makes it easy to drink without mixing it with juice.  I just add the powder to water and I'm ready to go.  Now I can have my "green smoothie" in the morning  as a way of waking up my body and flooding it with powerful nutrition in a highly absorbable, liquid form.  There's no better way to start the day.


  1. I think warmer is better in the morning, when I'm at work in the morning, I mix warm water with my cold water to bring up the temp of the water. I try to drink room temp water in the morning. It's easier on my stomach.

  2. Hi! Nadege, be careful because hot water tends to kill nutrients and denature proteins.Thanks for your amazing blog.


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