All the Celebrities are doing it! The Case for Daily Exfoliation

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This weekend I decided to catch up on new episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  In one of the episodes, Cynthia Bailey celebrated Her 47th birthday with the girls.  Just three years shy of 50 and this woman looks absolutely stunning.  I've actually seen her  (up close) in person several years ago and, I tell you, she showed no signs of being a woman in her mid 40s.

Whenever I see a woman looking absolutely amazing, I immediately want to know the tips and techniques they swear by to stay fabulous. So I went hunting and Cynthia made it perfectly clear in a past interview that her  secret for amazing skin is daily exfoliation.

 According to a Stylist article, Cynthia explained that "I exfoliate daily and I definitely highly recommend it just to keep the glow.  And it keeps dull skin off your face.  So don't feel like you have to do it once a week, just do it every day, no matter what the tube says!" 

Then I reflected back to an article where TLC's Chilli talked about regular exfoliation to "get that dead layer of skin off".  Heck, the woman even told me to my face that "It's all about exfoliation."  Having witnessed her and Cynthia's skin first hand,  I'm a complete believer.

Then there's the Queen herself.  It's almost impossible to find first hand interviews of Beyonce sharing her beauty secrets.  But here's what we know so far.  We know that she drinks at least a gallon of water a day (with lemon).  We know that she adheres to the "Go to Bed Greasy" philosophy.  Thanks to her dermatologist, and makeup artist, we learn that she likely exfoliates several times a week and perhaps even daily.  And if I were to bet on it, I'm sure celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gabrielle Union, and (for sure) Meagan Good exfoliate on the regular.

I'll admit that I've slacked off a bit on my exfoliation routine. After a while I noticed that even though my skin remained relatively clear, it still didn't have that look of health and radiance that I once enjoyed.  Every day in the shower I use a pumice stone on my heels.  And everyday I realize that even though I exfoliated my heels the day before, there's still dead skin that needs to be removed.  Same goes for the rest of my body and perhaps also applies to our faces as well.

I went into detail about daily exfoliation in this post but I have some new tips to include so look out for a follow up article.


  1. I'm on it!! P.S. Even though I don't comment, I always look forward to your posts. Keep them coming :)

  2. Yes I am committed to daily exfoliation now. I use Alba Botanica Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub. Its not too abrasive and my skin always feels buttery smooth right after. :)


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