Air drying | Experience your sexiest skin ever!

A while back, I was instructed by Lady Dee (skincare expert to celebrities) to never use a towel to dry my face.  I heeded her advice and my skin reaped the benefits.  But, for some reason, I never thought to apply this same principle to the rest  the rest of body until now.

We all know that air drying our hair can help keep it from over drying out.  The same thing could be said for our skin. Normally, the skin on my body gets ultra dry during the winter. So dry that it actually begins to itch.  The itching is serious.  Most of the day, I'm scratching at my skin (especially on my legs) hoping to get some relief.

Yesterday, I tried something totally different and it literally transformed my skin.  Instead of toweling off after my shower, I air dried.  Once I stepped out, I stood on my mat for a few minutes to allow the water droplets to fall.  Then I headed to my bedroom where I applied virgin coconut oil all over my damp skin.

I can't begin to describe how much my skin glowed.  Not to mention how soft and wonderful it felt to the touch.  I didn't need to apply another ounce of lotion for the remainder of the day and, best of all, no itch.  This is definitely a keeper for me.  I also think some of the credit goes to my full body exfoliation routine that I've practiced consistently for the past couple of weeks.  That combined with this coconut oil massage is perfection.  No other word to describe it.

Take advantage of the precious time while waiting for your body to dry (before applying the oil).  Put on your favorite scent, add a little lip balm, massage your scalp, say your affirmations, whatever. Make this a part of your beauty ritual.  This routine does require you to be in the buff a little longer than you may be used to.  So use it as motivation to tone up so you can feel totally amazing throughout the experience.  You absolutely have to try this.


  1. I LOVE air drying. I haven't done it directly from the shower. I pat dry and finish by air drying. It makes such a big difference.

  2. I always air dry my hair so I don't know why I've never thought about trying this lol. I'll have to give it a try along with adding a regular body scrub to my routine


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