Countdown to New Year | Time for a mini makeover

Normally, when New Years Eve rolls around, I'm probably lounging around in my house clothes, trying to stay awake until midnight.  Most times I don't make it but then I'm awaken by the fireworks in the neighborhood, I send out a few text messages, give hubby a kiss and go back to bed.  This year, I'd love to go out and celebrate the new year.

With only two weeks or so left, I'm mapping out a mini makeover strategy to have me looking my best by the time the new year rolls in.   Check it out.
My first priority will be on creating bright/glowy skin.  This is a multi-step process that involves heavy exfoliation. Clear skin is one thing, but fresh, exfoliated skin takes it to a whole 'nother level. I want my skin to have a slight reflective property like in the image above.   For this reason, I'm breaking out my Riiviva Microderm kit the next couple of weekends and will make sure to exfoliate daily using Dr. Dennis Gross' exfoliation pads or Fresh Sugar Face Scrub.

That will take care of the external appearance of my skin but to make the most impact, I've also got to do some internal work.  The plan is do drink plenty of water + lemon water.  I'm also popping a couple of fermented cod liver oil pills after each meal to lubricate from within.
glo teeth whitening system
I currently do nothing to whiten my teeth other than brushing with the obligatory whitening toothpaste. I want to change all that by pairing my toothpaste with baking soda or activated charcoal. If that doesn't work then my next choice would be to try out the glo teeth whitening system that everyone has been raving about.

Taking a bunch of extra steps each day has helped shed some of the unwanted weight that crept up on my over the last few months.  Now I want to focus on reintroducing resistance bearing exercises so I can quickly tone up.  While everyone is feasting on holiday meals and carb loaded snacks, I'll be dining on delicious salads and building muscle tone.  Last month I made a deal with myself that if I lost the extra pounds by the new year,  I could reward myself by straightening my hair using my Redken Professional Steam iron.  I've got two intense weeks left so now it's time to get really focused.
Ahi tuna lunch
Speaking to straightening my hair.  The whole thing is still up in the air because I will only use heat if my hair is in good condition.  Which means making sure to moisturize and seal daily while focusing heavily on the ends.  It also means no skimping on the extras like using the steamer on wash days and breaking out my Infrared Conditioning Iron.  I didn't using it the last two wash days and I can really tell the difference in my hair.  I may also try some last minute growth stimulating strategies like daily scalp massages and going back to my ultra green smoothies.

Two weeks may not seem like a long time but, believe me, a lot of ground can be covered in two weeks as long as I'm focused and consistent.  Truth be told, I love using an approaching deadline as motivation to see how much I can accomplish in a short period of time.  The two week timeline creates the right amount of urgency. Every day counts.

Let's get started!

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