Instagram Beauty Secret | How this "Basketball Wife" stays flawless

From the moment I saw this woman on Basketball Wives, the first thing that struck me was how amazing her skin looked.  So even toned, bright and healthy.  Most obvious was how her skin looked like someone much younger.  I kept thinking to myself, "I wonder if she does anything special or if she's just blessed to have perfect skin."
The season ended and time passed.  Then one day, out of no where, Sundy Carter popped in my head and instantly I wondered if she gave any insights to her skin care routine with her loyal followers.  So I followed her and this week she shared this post.

"Here's the secret ladies & gents.  My my skincare guru @deendeenlove."  Then someone Sundy left a comment asking her to share any tips she has that keeps her looking so "gorge, young, and glowing."

Sundy's response:
"Thank you, I only drink water throughout the day, sauna when time permits, changed my eating habits.  And cardio does the body good.  Deendeenlove gives the best facials ever.  I go again on Friday and will post a b4 and after."  
Is it any surprise to any of you that Sundy, like everyone else there with flawless skin, drinks a boat load of water?  That combined with all the sweating from visiting the sauna is pretty much the recipe for glowing skin.  But can we talk about how she got all excited about the facials?

I've gotten a few facials in my time, but for the most part, I vowed that once my skin cleared, I would no longer need professional facials. Reason? Because I saw facials as a corrective measure, not as a means to achieve the glowing skin I've always wanted.  Notice how she's already scheduled a follow up appointment.  I'm one of those people that'll get a facial for special occasion and never go back.

That's when I started questioning my approach.  Would I enjoy bright, healthy skin if I too maintained a healthy regimen of regular facials along with everything else I'm doing?  I'm gonna be honest and say that the price of regular facial treatments is a bit off putting for me.  That's why I've decided to master the art of the at home facial.

By the way, her healthy skin practices serve as a timely reminder that people who enjoy perfect skin, fit bodies, healthy hair, are probably not just lucky recipients, they work hard to achieve it.  Remember when Kelly Rowland shared that she does hundreds of sit ups each night.  I, for one, thought that her perfectly flat abs were hereditary.  Oh, speaking of flat abs, Sundy mentioned that cardio does a body good.  She was right. Take a look at her new figure share on her insta not too long ago.  Homegirl has been putting in work.
Look out for posts in the future on mastering the at home facial.


  1. I don't do a lot to my skin but regular at home facials are a must. I notice an immediate difference in my skin. I have a couple of things I like to try and I switch between pre-made solutions and all natural diy options.

  2. Great post. Her skin is gorgeous!! I guess the key point is sweating as it removes toxins from the body so your skin will look healthy and hydrated.

  3. Hi Danielle! Do you have any tips to share regarding at home facials?

    Hi Sunshyne! She definitely inspired me to get back to regular visits to the sauna.

  4. I drink a lot of water but have never had glowing skin like that. I work out and sweat a lot so I release toxins from my body. Perhaps a facial is what I'm missing.


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