My 2015 List of Intentions


I heard a successful business man once say that by the 15th of each month we should already have our goals ready for the following month. With a little two weeks left in the year, I thought now would be a great time look ahead into 2015 and create an intentions list for the year to come.   Next year, I'll be focusing on "who I become" versus obtaining physical items.  If I place full focus on becoming the person I want to be, everything else falls into place.

So far, here are the intentions I wish to experience in 2015 and beyond.  It's kinda like my online vision board.  Take a look.

My first priority for the new year is to place lots of effort on my physical presentation.  I've slacked mightily in this area but I got the wake up call of my life after having an impromptu conversation with a young lady who put everything in perspective.  The post I wrote on always looking your best was extremely well received which means that lots of you also want to invest in yourself. I believe that if we make this a priority for ourselves that our lives will CHANGE.  New people, experiences and opportunities will come our way that wouldn't otherwise.  Let's shift our mindset from seeing dressing well as a "nice to" and make it an absolute must!

I probably should dedicate an entire post to the power of creating an ideal environment.   But for the time being, I  want to declare that in 2015, I will constantly be working to elevate the environment of my home.  I desire a clean, clutter free space that fosters creativity in inspiration.  That is what I will be creating in 2015.

I have high hopes for my hair in 2015.  Microtrimming has been working out well for me and I imagine that I'll see the full benefits of it 6-9 months from now.  This year I'll also try other methods of length retention such as braid outs and satin scarf sets.  And of course, I'll plan to stay heavily focused on moisturizing and sealing. Lookout for an upcoming year in review post where I compile all the great lessons learned in healthy hair for 2014. 

Every once in a while, I'll assign a theme to the upcoming year.  This year will be "The Year of Abundance!"  I'm not just talking about financial abundance. I want 2015 to be the year where I abundantly experience everything I desire.  Abundance of laughter, experiences, creation, joy, giving, inspiration.....all of it!  I just want my life to overflow with abundance.   One way to ensure that happens is to constantly express gratitude for everything.  Everything.  When I remain in a place of gratitude, I receive even more.  To him who has, more will be given.  So I intend to remain in a constant state of being grateful for everything/everyone I have.

Being on an airplane 1-4 times a week has kinda ruined vacation travel for me.  Any my time off, I want to spend at home.  As a result, I haven't really done any "pleasure travel" in the past couple of years.  This year, I want to visit at least one new city (or country).  Better yet, I want to make exotic travel a part of my life.

Years ago, I invested countless hours playing with my makeup with the help of a few Youtube gurus.  The result? My makeup skills improved dramatically.  Heck, I even received a compliment once from an artist at the MAC counter when I walked in with makeup I applied earlier.  Then, just like any other skill, the lack of application diminished my talent.  So I plan to go back to learning and experimenting again. This time I plan to stay consistent.

Maple Dijon Salmon | Recipe here.
Next year, I will take my cooking skills to the next level.  Lookout for more recipe posts in the future as I put in lots of practice.

Next year being someone who is fearless will be my mantra.  This will provide the foundation for everything else to happen in my life.  You shall see more Fearless Friday posts in the future.

I can add more to this list but this will be all for now.  I encourage you to create your own intention list for the year ahead.  Give 2015 a theme and go from there.  Even if you don't manifest everything, at least you will attract much more into you life than you would if you weren't being intentional.  Oh, one last tip. Don't wait until the new year to start.  Do some or all of it now.  Taking a small action now shows how serious you are about receiving everything you desire.  Lastly, have fun and be grateful for all things.


  1. Setting goals is critical for continued growth. Thanks for sharing yours. Mine are to simplify my life and to save and invest 50% of my net income. I've learned that sustainable abundance comes from consuming less stuff (liabilities: cars, clothes, excessive eating out), aggressively saving, and investing those savings into low-cost index funds. In furtherance of those goals, I've vowed not to shop for clothes in 2015, and instead challenge myself to wear new combinations of my own clothing so I still feel a sense of variety. Cheers to hitting our targets next year!

  2. Fallon, I love everything you said. That is certainly the recipe for abundance.

  3. Dear Nadege. I have been reading your blog for a long time, I think it is great. Some of your motivation posts have helped me a lot. I am also a pro-blogger. Your list of intentions is similar to mine, I only have a few more points career wise and to step up my fitness routine.

  4. We share a lot of the same intentions! Great post, thank youn :)


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