Four Success Lessons learned from my Fitness Coach

After years of contemplating , I finally decided to work with a personal trainer fitness coach.  Actually, he approached me while I was haphazardly working out and asked me about my fitness goals.  After sharing my intentions, we discussed how he can help me achieve my desired outcome.  Taking my own advice, I decided to say "yes!"

I'm so glad I did because our very first session working together has taught me several life lessons.
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LESSON 1: Have a written plan
The biggest difference between my typical workouts and the one with my fitness coach was his structured approach.  When I go to the gym, I wander around until I find the machine(s) that catch my fancy.  After working on it for a little while, I get bored and move on to something else.  My coach, on the other hand, had a clear, well written plan that he'd hold closely and refer back to on a regular basis.

There are times when I approach my day like my fitness coach, with a documented plan of action for the day.  Then there are times when I just "wing it."  The difference, in outcome, between the two are like night and day.  Because of my coach's written plan, I was able to accomplish much more in less time.  My sore muscles are a testament to the level of effectiveness from just 1 hour of focused, planned activity.

LESSON 2: You can accomplish much more than you give yourself credit for
One of the exercises on the list were dead lifts.  I've done dead lifts in the past but with much less weight than coach recommended.  On my first run, he requested that I  dead lift 50 lbs.  Even before my first lift attempt, I automatically told myself that 50 lbs was too much.  Coach, on the other hand, expected me to do a total of 45 dead lifts (3 sets of 15) using 50 lbs.  I'm 5 feet tall with puny arms. I would never challenge myself to dead lift 50 lbs.  But coach never relented and I successfully completed all the sets.

Now I'm wondering where else in my life am I carrying self limiting beliefs.  I can think of a couple instances where I've put things off because I don't think I'm fully capable.  Now, instead of listening to my self defeating thoughts, I can think of the dead lift exercise and remember what I'm capable of.

LESSON 3:  Get out of your comfort zone
The biggest difference between working out on my own and my first real session with my fitness coach, is that he took me completely out of my comfort zone.  Most of the work out took place in a part of the gym where I never venture.  He doesn't really like using machines. Instead he prefers using motions that utilize the full range of the major muscle groups.  This raises the intensity of the exercise and will bring greater results.

That entire work out took me completely outside of my comfort zone. Honestly, I couldn't wait for that hour to be over so I could go back to being comfortable again.  Heck, there was even a split second where I regretted my decision to hire him.  But he continued to remind me that the hard work will all pay off for me in the end.

LESSON 4:  Don't stop until you've reached your goal
After doing some excruciating dead lifts and other lower body exercises, coach had the nerve to lead me to the squat hack machine.   I could feel my muscles screaming for mercy with every lift.  It took everything inside for me to reach 15 reps.  Once done, I quickly dismounted the machine.  Confused, coached informed me that I had another set of 15 to accomplish.  Since I knew I couldn't do another 15, I decided to negotiate.  "Can we do the second set later?" I asked hoping that he'd somehow forget.  Smiling, he replied "sure."  

Then we moved on to Bulgarian split squats.  While suffering through a total of 90 split squats (45 per side), I secretly cursed myself for having putting off the second set of hack squats.  There was no way I could push out one more set on that machine.  I tried talking my way out of it but coach was not having it.  His only response was to repeatedly chant "last set, BEST SET!"  Reluctantly, I positioned myself once again in the squat hack machine and blurted out "this machine hates me!"  Unphased, coach responded, " the squat hack hates everyone."

Eyes shut, I took a deep breath and completed an amazing set of hack squats.  Heck the second set even felt easier than the first.

 If I were working out on my own, there was no way I would go back on the machine after my first experience.  Coach, on the other hand, had a written down goal and never bended to allow me an out even when I pretty much begged for mercy.  Sometimes I challenge myself to accomplish something but, if I don't feel like doing it, I don't.  I don't hold myself accountable to work my plans until completion.  As a result, I never fully realize what I'm capable of.

This first session was eye opening.  Not only did I learn the proper form for many of the exercises, I've been doing (wrong) for years, I also learned several lessons that can bring success.  Long after these sore muscles heal, the life lessons I learned from him will have a lasting impact.

Speaking of coaching.  If you would like to connect with me 1 on 1 to help you achieve breakthroughs in your life, drop me a note via my contact form.

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