People say these meditation for hair growth videos actually work.

If you've been a follower of this blog a while, you know that every so often I like to introduce unconventional ideas when it comes to healthy hair.  We've talked about nail rubbing, cutting our hair based on moon cycles and even learned from a 72 year old man's hair journey.  Today I'm brining you another unique way to inspire hair growth.  You may know that I like to discuss the benefits of meditation.  Often times, I head over to Youtube and select meditation music to quietly play in the background during my sessions.Well, the other day I stumbled upon meditation videos that claim to promote hair growth.

Yes, that's right.  But this isn't your typical music.  It uses the power of binaural beats to bring the mind into a deeper state of awareness.  This could allow the brain and subconscious mind to influence the body in a way the promotes healthy hair growth.  Now, I know this sounds crazy, and it probably is, but in each hair growth meditation video I visited, there was at least one person sharing their feedback of how practice has helped them produce real results.  In some cases, people have mentioned that even their family members made comments on the look of their hair.

Then I asked myself, "how could this practice benefit hair growth?"  I thought about it for a little while and came up with some unscientific theories.  Perhaps watching a video that claims to promote hair growth can incite the placebo effect.  Meaning that people are experiencing positive results because they are in expectation that this brainwave music will work for them.  That could be why several commenters mentioned experiencing an itching sensation on the the scalp, as a sign of increased blood flow, while watching the video.

Another consideration is that we tend to pair meditation with visualization. So it might be possible that listeners are also imagining themselves experiencing thicker, healthier, longer hair.  Visualization is powerful because the mind can hardly tell the difference between what we imagine and what happens in reality.  Track athletes who visualized their races stimulated the same muscles that they'd use if in a real race (even though they were sitting in a chair).  In their minds, they were really running a race.  Maybe if we really believe that our hair is at a certain length, the mind begins to influence the body in a way that aligns with that belief.  This reminds me of our feature who employed the law of attraction to help her achieve her hair goals.  In the same token, if you have a severe case of hair anorexia (where you believe your hair is shorter than what it actually is), your mind might influence the body to ensure what you envision becomes reality.

Listening to a lengthy video that allegedly impacts hair growth elevates your awareness.  Although the video itself may not directly grow the hair, it may impact your behaviors long afterwards.  Meaning, you might be more careful while combing, etc.  That heightened state of mindfulness alone could have a positive impact on the health of your hair.  Mindfulness causes us to make different choices than if we were operating from old routines and patterns.  And choices are what make up the fabric of our lives.

Enough of my yapping, check out the Hair Growth meditation videos for yourself. If the vibrations of the binaural beats are too much for you, try letting it play before bed while you drift off to sleep.


  1. Hey Nadege

    Just listened to one of these and I must say what I noticed is that the sound gives me a tingling sensation....Like goosebumps from a head massage.

    So my hypothesis is that the sound invokes that level of stimulation.

    But I also have to agree with you on the placebo effect. Bottom line is that if you believe in something and pair it with visualisation then you will invariably gravitate to it.

    So if you use this method, whether you think you can or you think you can't...Its honestly up to you :)

    Great Post!

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  3. If you look past the marketing slogans ("Meditate deep as a Zen monk-instantly!") to see if there are any peer-reviewed scientific research studies verifying such claims, don't be surprised if you don't find any. binaural beats

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