Fab Skin DIY | Try these mini-peel pads for an everyday glow

When I was younger, a brand called Stridex filled the airwaves with commercials depicting acne ridden teens wiping their faces clean with medicated pads.  A teen smiles directly into the camera as she moves the damp pad in circular motions.  When finished, she flips the pad towards the screen revealing visible dirt instantly lifted off her skin.

Of course, I immediately ran to the drug store and grabbed several boxes. Those medicated pads took the place of a toner after washing.  This may not have been a good idea because, with daily use, it dried out my skin.  Eventually, I transitioned to using apple cider vinegar on soft cotton pads as a toner.

But then, Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Peels came into my life.  I fell in love with the idea of giving myself a mini-chemical exfoliation with just a swipe of a pad. While convenient, Alpha Beta Peels are a bit pricey.  And since I've been in a DIY mood lately, I asked myself, "is there a way to create these mini-peel pads myself?"

The answer is yes!  All I had to do is get a hold of a gentle acid.  In my case, I use Mandelic Acid because it's effective, yet gentle enough for pigmented skin.  Prior to my DIY experiment, I applied the Mandelic Acid using a cotton pad.  I quickly figured out that this method was highly ineffective.  Cotton absorbs too much product.  I needed a plain "Stridex pad" like Dr. Dennis Gross uses.  
Immediately, my search began.  A short while later, I stumbled on a brand called Theraderm that offers dry exfoliation pads!  That's right.  You apply your own exfoliant or toner for a fraction of the cost. 

These DIY pads make it so easy to exfoliate on the regular.  It's as simple as moistening a cotton round.  Because these pads have somewhat of a rough texture, I still experience physical exfoliation even when I saturate them with toner instead of an acid.  I noticed the Mandelic Acid seemed much more effective when used with Theraderm pads versus with a cotton round application.  What I love most about these exfoliation pads, is that they seem to have the ability to easily draw out additional dirt and oil.  They are going to be a must have during the summer when oil production goes haywire.  And since the pads are dry, there's barely any waste.  You use as much product as you need. No more no less.  
If you've always liked the idea of giving yourself a mini-facial peel with little effort, these Theraderm pads are a dream come true.  

(p.s. If you're exfoliating more often with these convenient pads, make sure you stay consistent with daily sunscreen).  

Now go get your glow.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I've been thinking for a loooong time (as in about 20 years) I wanted those face pads for my own products, but honestly never made the effort or even thought to hunt them down. Unfortunately, those pads are not available right now on Amazon, but I'm keeping them on my radar and will definitely indulge when they come back.

    I love your blog! I check in about once a week and you have the BEST topics. I'm very goal and task-oriented, I like to research, experiment, and continually improve myself. Your posts appeal to my personality. Keep up the great work!


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