Motivation Monday | Never Stop Course Correcting

It's the first official week of 2016.  I'm sure many of you have a list of goals you'd like to accomplish.  Then off you go, to make your dreams come true.  Time passes and next thing you know, you're way off course.

Frustration sets in and you give up on trying to get to your outcome. The goals that you were so excited about in the new year are now distant memories.

There's a way to stop this cycle.

Let's learn from the people who are masters at setting an intention and reaching their exact destination 99.999% of the time....airline pilots.

Although they reach their destination 99.999% of the time, they are actually off course 95% of their flight.  As someone who traveled frequently for work, I'm aware that lots of factors can cause a flight to go completely off course.  But, in the end, the goal is reached no matter what obstacles appeared during the flight.

You're the pilot of your life.  You've determined a destination.  It's your responsibility to arrive at your final destination no matter what comes your way.  Sometimes the obstacles are huge (like a thunderstorm) other times, the skies are completely clear and we still veer off course.

In 2016, I'd like you to master the art of  "constant course correction."  Basically, your job is to constantly assess where you are.  If you keep going in your current direction, will you get to your goal when you intend to?  If the answer is yes, great!  Keep going (faster).  If not, it's time to make adjustments.  If you become proficient at assessing your current location and course correcting, you'll save a bunch of time.

During the flight, a pilot will make dozens of micro adjustments to their path in order to stay on course.  Micro adjustments are the key to your success.  I repeat, micro adjustments are the key to your success.  When the results that you want aren't there, make an adjustment.  Change something about what you're currently doing. If you vowed to lose 5 lbs but you've gained 3, it's time to tweak.  Don't keep going on a current path unless you can be sure it'll take you to your destination.

Sunday's are a great day to assess your current situation.  On Sunday's, you reflect on the past week and strategize for the upcoming week simultaneously.  Better yet, if you course correct mid-week or on a daily basis, you accelerate how quickly you achieve your goals.

This week, practice the art of constant course correction by making lots of micro adjustments and watch your goals manifest on autopilot.

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