Beyonce exfoliates with skin peels monthly. Should you?

Well, hello there. I see that you're back to uncover yet another of Beyonce's Flawless Skin secrets.  Let's see, so far we've discussed how the superstar follows the fundamental rule of healthy skin by drinking copious amounts of water daily.
Then we learned a special tip, from her makeup artist Sir John, of how using eye cream as skin moisturizer all over will provide even greater hydration.  I don't know about you, that tip alone made a huge difference with my skin.

Luckily for us, Sir John, is a man that loves to share the secrets.  In a recent Elle article, Sir John divulges the source of Beyonce's glowing skin.

His philosophy is that in the summer, our skin should radiate without the help of heavy makeup.  The key to this result is "monthly enzyme peels."  He goes on to tell us to incorporate regular fruit enzyme peels increase cell turnover.
What's so great about fruit enzyme peels?  Well for one thing, there's no down time.  Secondly, they only target the dead skin cells.  Live cells are left untouched.  They also diminish fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration, leaving behind, fresh youthful skin.

We understand the importance of regular exfoliation. I've talked about this topic incessantly in the past.  But, reading his words really made it clear how important it is to incorporate deep exfoliation into our routine on a regular basis.  Beyonce isn't the only one on the "monthly skin peel" bandwagon. I recall that Chilli once mentioned in a video interview that she also treats her skin to monthly peels. Is this part of secret to how she's pretty much managed to look the same for 20 years?

In an previous post, I mentioned that I'm currently experimenting with regular professional skin care treatments to see how much of a difference it makes.  So far, I've enjoyed two oxygen facials and one Sensi peel.  I have two more Sensi peel sessions to go then I'll share my thoughts.

To be honest, the idea of monthly enzyme peels makes perfect sense.  Those of you who use a pumice bar daily  know that even though you slough off dead skin regularly, it still accumulates like crazy.  Each year that you are alive, your cell turnover rate declines. Oh yeah, cell turnover also slows in the winter.  Essentially, if you do nothing, your skin gets duller as time passes.  No one wants that.

So if you haven't taken any action to create your winter glow, maybe it's time to take a lesson from the queen of healthy skin.

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  1. Theres a skin care line sold at whole foods called Earth Science and they have a product called "radient skin masque" and its a papya enzyme and fruit acid peel. OMG is all i can say. Amazing. It left my skin so golwly and bright and smooth unlike any other product i have used before. So as i was reading this post all i could think was everybody needs to try a enzyme peel or mask!


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