[Inspired By] The Outdoor Sanctuary

After learning about the possible health and wellness benefits of grounding, I continued to do some research to learn more about the process.  As a matter of fact, I visited a local park yesterday, found a secluded area and walked barefoot on the grass.  The experience was highly therapeutic and invigorating.

As I watched videos on the topic, I learned that grounding doesn't always have to take place on grass or sand. You can experience some of the benefits from walking barefoot on the concrete (not asphalt).  I just so happen to have a small concrete porch.  For the most part, I don't spend much time there.

But then I wondered, what if I were to give my little porch a makeover.  How amazing would it be to soak in the sensations of the outdoors while in a sitting space I love. I would absolutely love to experience the possible benefits of grounding while lounging in my styled porch.
Off I went to find some inspiration. My main focus was to compile a collection of well designed backyards.  What most attracted me about these outdoor designs is the wonderful use of plants.  Birds of paradise are ideal for the look I want to create.  They're beautiful, modern and minimalistic.
Next, I'll be on the lookout for ways to create ambient lighting using natural stone inspired candle holders.  Since I plan on doing most of the "grounding" work during the day, the candles will serve more as a sensory experience rather than to offer lighting.  There's just something about breathing in the scent of my favorite candle while working.  It's definitely a part of my feel good routine.
Lastly, I'll add one of my favorite elements of nature, river rocks.  They make wonderful accents and really update the look of your outdoor space.  Whenever I see these dark grey stones, a feeling of calm and zen floods over me.  And that's exactly the experience I want to create. When it's all said and done, I'd like the porch to be a little oasis that's reminiscent of far away places.  A place where I can set aside a couple of hours each day to slow down and get reconnected.

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  1. Grounding is so important especially after an illness or experiencing some kind of tragedy in one's life. I love my backyard, it took almost 5K to get it to the point where I absolutely love spending large amounts of my time just sitting and working but mostly relaxing. Good luck on creating your beautiful space and be sure to share it with us!


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