How being barefoot can transform your health and keep you youthful.

I'm an information nerd with a passion for finding quirky, non-traditional techniques for health, wellness, and beauty.  Today, I'm here to share my latest discovery.  But first, a little background.

As I study the topic of anti-aging, I look for ways to promote the characteristics of youth for as long as possible.  I'm learning about the pillars of youth, one of which is adequate blood circulation in the body.  This is a crucial element to optimal health because oxygen and nutrients flood our body when circulation is high.  Younger individuals have naturally high circulation to support their growth and development. Over time, that starts to decline. There are things we can do to promote adequate blood flow like exercising, etc.  But I've always got my eyes open for ways to  increase blood flow directly to the face.  It seems like I've stumbled upon a non-traditional method proven to give you a natural facial glow.

Apparently, a technique called grounding has the ability to "significantly improve facial blood flow." Forty study participants were divided into two groups.  Twenty-seven of them were grounded, thirteen were not. After the grounding session, a laser camera revealed something extraordinary.  There was visual evidence of increased blood circulation directly to the face.
So, what is grounding anyway?  Basically, it's the process of getting connected to the electro frequency of the earth by allowing your bare feet to touch the ground.   In case you weren't aware, everything vibrates at a certain frequency (including us).  And by performing the simple act of grounding, you align your vibration with that of the earth.  The earth has large quantities of electrons and when we come in direct contact, those electrons access our bodies, neutralizing free radicals.

Some say that this provides various health and wellness benefits. There a published studies that reveal how grounding can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce stress, combat inflammation, and keep you beautiful.  Making direct contact with the earth can reset body in amazing ways.

I can barely remember that last time I walked around barefoot. I'm always telling my husband to keep slippers on around the house.  But I do remember misplacing my slippers once and loving the feeling of cold tile beneath me.  If that felt nice, I could only imagine how great of an experience it would be to ground outside.   I'll keep a pack of makeup removal wipes nearby to clean my heels post- grounding. Can't wait to do this everyday.


  1. You have an amazing blog! Keep it up

    1. Thank you so much Anon! I appreciate your comment. :)


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