The amazing breakfast food that people swear by for faster hair growth.

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Good morning!  I trust that you are well rested and ready to conquer this new day.  Perhaps you started today off with a delicious breakfast.  If I were to suggest to you a breakfast food that many claimed triggered healthy hair growth, would you be interested?

Yes, by consistently eating this high protein option, you might experience a boost in hair growth as countless others have.  I bet you're wondering what this magical hair breakfast food is.
Chances are, you already have this single ingredient meal in the fridge.  You guessed it....I'm talking about eggs.

According to lots of internet folk, eating a simple meal consisting of 1-2 eggs each morning produced wonderful results with regards to their hair journey.   Here are just a few examples:

I discovered this by accident last year. When I was staying with my in-laws they made boiled eggs a lot for breakfast, I don't eat them normally, but I did then and my hair grew a lot!! Unfortunately, I didn't take note of the measurements, but I knew that the boiled eggs had something to do with it. 
When I was eating organic eggs for a year. My coworker kept her neighbor's six pet Araucana & “Easter Egger" hens while his home was under renovation. They laid so many eggs she'd distribute them at work. My hair looked fake; shiny, wiry with lots of body. It also went from layered APL (armpit length)/BSB(brastrap) to full waist length.
I eat a pretty good, well-balanced diet and enough fruits/veggies, although there's always room for improvement. I always have, though, so I don't notice a difference.
However, my hair really did seem to grow faster when I used to eat 2 hard boiled eggs a day.....I may revisit that.

These are just a few of the countless examples of ladies who enjoyed thicker, healthier hair growth as a result of supplementing their diet with the goodness of eggs.  In case you weren't aware, eggs are a superfood loaded with tons of nutrition.  Most importantly, eggs are high in protein and the amino acid L-Cysteine.  This amino acid is so powerful that it's actually been proven to help reverse hair loss.

Most, if not all of us have some type of protein treatment in our hair product stash.  When you increase your protein consumption, you fortify your hair from within.  If you've ever purchased biotin supplements for hair growth, know that cooked eggs provide you a natural source of biotin.  I am a huge fan of food sources that bless us with multiple nutritional benefits.  My theory is that the ingredients  work synergistically since they are coming from a single source.  All the hair healthy ingredients in a single egg work together to give you the most amazing hair of your life.

Some people are weary about the cholesterol content of regular consumption of eggs. Most of the same women who boasted of egg related hair growth also shared that their cholesterol levels weren't negatively impacted.  But if you want to be extra careful, consider consuming only the whites of the eggs as an alternative.

Of course, you can also skip the eggs altogether and opt for alternate protein sources.  A great breakfast option is a protein shake.  I loved my morning shakes so much that I decided to formulate a protein powder as part of the Beautifully Bamboo brand.  More to come on that in the future.  But in the meantime, I have been enjoying eating 1- 2 eggs a day as part of my dedication to healthy hair.

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  1. Can't wait to try the Beautifully Bamboo protein powder!


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