[To Try] The Sunday Night Makeup Ritual

It's Sunday. Time to wind down another successful weekend and prepare for the days ahead.  Sundays are the perfect time to execute a ritual to usher in the new week.  If you don't already have a routine in place, may I suggest the Sunday night facial or preparing your wardrobe for the week.  Tonight might also be a great opportunity to break out your planner and map out your goals.

If those weren't enough, I have another Sunday night idea that I think you'll love.  A popular blogger shared this and thought it was brilliant. On Sunday nights,  why not set aside a little "me time" to play with (or practice) your makeup.

I don't know about you, but I typically only wear makeup when I'm heading out.  Most often, time is scarce and I'll do the same old look that I've done countless times before.  There's no creativity.  Nine times out of ten, I'm only using a tiny percentage of my overall makeup collection. The rest remains underutilized. I basically do the bare minimum acceptable before hitting the road.

But, if I were to do a Sunday night makeup ritual, so much good would come of it.  First of all, I can experiment with new looks.  There would be enough time to perfect specific techniques that produce certain results.  One could collect various makeup inspiration pics throughout all week to experiment with once Sunday arrives.  No rush.

We can go enter the session free of the stress of having to be somewhere in less than an hour.  Who has time to watch a youtube tutorial before work to try something new? No one does. That's why Sundays are perfect.

As you play with your makeup, utilize the principle of deliberate practice.  Meaning, you practice for the end goal of mastering a technique. For example, I'm totally uncomfortable applying false lashes.  But my friend, on the other hand, can install a full set of individual lashes on herself like a pro.  The difference between she and I is practice. But also, her intention was, to one day, offer lash services as a side hustle.  Her practice took on a higher level of seriousness versus when I clumsily tried to apply falsies on a whim.  I set the bar low for myself and my results showed it.  Every time she applied her lashes, the intention was to create the most professional looking result as possible. And she's achieved that goal.

I mean, if you're going to wear makeup, why not master it?  The only way to master anything is to practice. Practice. Practice. Give this a shot and experience all the wonderful benefits that wearing makeup can bring.

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