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Ever since I first learned of the Korean layering skin routine, I've kept my eyes and ears open to new products and techniques coming out of the Korean beauty industry.  I love how creative they get when it comes to new beauty products and practices.

What gets me even more excited is how they focus on perfecting all parts of the body, not just the skin. Their healthy hair innovations intrigue me. I couldn't wait to stumble upon a Korean hair treatment so I could jump onto the bandwagon.

It seems like I may have found it.

You might remember a previous post where I discussed the ponytail holder with the power to moisturize dry ends.  Well, I may have stumbled onto something even better!

They're known as hair steam packs or hair steam masks.  Basically, they are sheet masks for your hair. Like sheet masks, the plastic wraps are infused with hair loving ingredients. You secure it around your head and allow the product to work it's magic for a certain period of time before revealing your newly conditioned tresses.
Unlike sheet masks for the face, the hair masks leverage the body heat produced whenever we secure plastic material around it. This creates a natural steaming effect that opens up the cuticle layer allowing for the ingredients to better penetrate.

SD Hair Pack contains ingredients like argan oil, a plethora of Chinese herbal extracts and aloe vera for moisture.  I like the fact that it's applied on clean hair post wash.  It's sorta like a deep conditioning leave in treatment.  Meaning, I'll wash & deep condition as normal, rinse, allow hair to partially air dry, then use the hair pack as a final step before styling.   I'm not quite sure how the herbs will impact my hair, but I'm willing to try this mask out anyway. Although the reviews are very positive, I'm not sure if the ingredients will have a powerful effect on course, textured hair.  If my hair loves it, I'll be stoked!

But if not, I'll see if the premise of the product is still viable then I'll either test other brands or try to create an enhanced DIY version at home.  More to come on that.  I've already placed an order so it should arrive soon.  I hope to test it this weekend and share my thoughts on the experience.

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  1. Melshary recently did a negative review of a similar product. I think a big part in what she didn't like was the cost. This mask you've shared is WORLDS cheaper! I may give it a try. If I don't like it, I didn't lose much.


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