[Red Carpet Ready] Let's try Tracee Ellis Ross' pre-awards show, glute toning workout


I was browsing an online forum, and a woman mentioned that, for years, she did one simple exercise to keep her backside toned and firm.  From the way she described the move, I imagined it to be a series of kickbacks using a chair or stool for support.

From that day forth, I decided that this too will be my signature move.  Every few days, I'd do a few  glute intense moves, alternating between lifting the leg straight back and side lifts (like a dog would when peeing on a hydrant). That simple habit has served me well over the years.

But Tracee Ellis Ross brought us an even better version of the standing glute workout that you absolutely have to try.
As some of you know, Tracee co-hosted the 2016 BET Awards.  Taking center stage at a nationally televised event means getting in the best shape of your life.  Tracee brought on celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to help sculpt her amazing body.
Tracee looking stunning in her BET Awards Red Carpet look
Tracee always had a great figure but her trainer is known for creating unique signature moves that keep the muscles guessing.  Tracy Anderson began her career in fitness after successfully completing a 40 lb weight loss journey.  Anderson developed a unique method that involved accessing the smaller, lesser known muscles as a way of activating the larger muscle groups. Not only did her technique work, it attracted the attention of A-list celebrities and the rest was history.

I've tried a few of Tracy Anderson's workouts on Youtube and, believe me, her moves are intense.  She doesn't believe in heavy lifting, instead, she has you move your body in somewhat unfamiliar ways.  The result is an awakening of dormant muscles and very real results.

Lucky for us, Tracee Ellis Ross loves to share behind the scenes snippets of her life.  On the road to the BET Awards, she created a short montage of her butt toning workout developed by Tracy Anderson herself.

 Let's check it out.

I love how this short video encompasses various different moves to tone the hips, thighs and glutes.  Tracy Anderson has a dance background which she incorporates in most of her workouts.   You can see a little of that influence in the video.  The light ankle weights offer a bit more resistance which means faster results.

I tried this mini workout yesterday (without weights) and I could definitely feel the burn.  I'm a huge fan of a few simple moves that work the muscles in a major way.  This workout definitely does that.  Porsha Williams once shared that she completes a set of squats before jumping into the shower. Squats coupled with Tracee's pre-awards show moves would make the ultimate glue workout.

Try these moves for yourself by knocking out 10-15 repetitions per exercise.  If you're feeling ambitious, do a couple sets of the entire workout. Make it a part of your regular routine. You won't regret it.

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