[#NoExcuses] Too lazy for the gym? Get a workout in from the comfort of your warm bed.

My abs are burning. That's because I just finished a morning ab routine while laying in my cozy bed.  I've been wanting to get back into the gym lately but haven't quite made it. In my case, actions that require a lot of motivation are easier if I take the path of least resistance.

This means doing the least amount of work possible.  So I asked myself what's the easiest method of exercise that I was willing to do?  Immediately, Sanford Bennett came to mind.  For those of you who may not recall, Sanford perfected his "glow up" routine after his health and appearance decline once he reached his 50s.    By the time he was 75, Sanford sported a younger, fuller face, thicker hair, and a toner physique than before.

What was his secret?  Exercise. But not the exercise we're familiar with today.  Sanford developed his own methods which included rigorous facial and scalp exercises to address his wrinkles and thinning hair.  We've talked about this in the past.  What I didn't mention was that Sanford developed a workout routine that he did every morning while laying in bed.
Sanford's workout routine involved engaging his muscles in a way that he believed would help remove mineral deposits from the blood stream.  Mineral deposits cause stiffness and inflammation.  These are the telltale signs of aging. He believed the biggest difference between a young man's body and that of an older person is inelasticity. Sanford's body at 72, was toned and fit. His muscles well defined.  But there weren't any state of the art gyms back then.  Instead, Sanford focused on executing a series of movements that he believed would rid the body of "sedimentary clogging deposits."
Sandford Bennett at 72
I decided to give "bed exercises" a shot and boy was I pleasantly surprised.  After a quick search on Youtube, I stumbled on a few in-bed workouts that target even the most stubborn areas.  The first one I tried was this ab workout video. Believe it or not, doing ab work in the bed seemed a bit harder because of the extra effort required to lift yourself from the soft mattress.

Although the moves seemed a bit more difficult, the actual experience was quite comfortable because....well....you're still laying in bed.

I continued searching and found this awesome lower body workout that you can do in your pjs.

Looking for something more challenging?  Try this high intense workout to really feel the burn.

Finally, let's not forget the godfather of the bed workout.  Check out this video which illustrates some of the movements that Sandford himself did before getting out of bed. These movements are meant more for detoxing & flexibility purposes rather than working out individual muscle groups.
If any of you have pets, you know that the first thing they do after waking is stretch their bodies. This is something that we often forget to do before jumping right into the craziness of the day ahead.
Now that I'm aware of how to get in a full body workout while laying in bed, I no longer have any excuses.  Especially when winter time rolls around.

If any of you are interested in reading Sanford's book, Old Age, it's Cause and Prevention, for free, you can view it online here.

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  1. Damn, you've taken away my last bastion of hiding from exercise!


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