I got an LED Facial Mask and I Have Absolultely No Regrets

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One night, I decided to take the plunge and finally purchase some of the beauty gadgets my wishlist.  The first gadget I received was the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber.  That one was a winner but, I was still awaiting the package that contained the ultimate in skin care gadgetry.

Days later, my most desired facial device arrived.  Ever since I learned of the wonders of LED light therapy, I've been mesmerized.  The technology behind red light therapy really excited me.  These UV-free light waves actually penetrate the skin.  According to beauty experts, the blue lights can actually addresses acne concerns while the red light can promote healthy collagen production. Spas offer LED therapy as an add-on to services (usually at an upcharge).  The frugal part of me would rather invest several hundred dollars in an at home unit rather than forking out extra money with each facial.
Me, chilling with my LED Face Mask

The whole LED light craze came on the scene after celebrity skin expert Shani Darden used them on her A-List clients.  It wasn't long before these superstars wanted their own light up glow mask.  Truthfully, I purchased this thing without fully knowing if the results were worth the hype.  But I figured that I could use it more consistently at home and would have a better chance of seeing actual results.

Day one began my experiment.  I went into the process just not knowing what to expect.   I didn't know how to correctly position the mask over my face. And the bright lights were a bit of a distraction.  Afterwards, I decided that I needed more training so, I jumped back online to read interviews where Shani shared some of her tips. She recommends that we use the dual light function (a combination of red and blue light) and we use the machine for around 20-30 minutes (a few times a week).

The second day I was more prepared.  I applied a serum to my skin, selected the dual light function, and relaxed over the next 25 minutes while I listened to spa meditation music.  The faint bright lights seemed to enhance the meditation experience.    Before I knew it, 25 minutes had passed.  I removed the mask and assessed my skin closely in the mirror.   My skin appeared slightly irritated.  Maybe irritated isn't the right word. There was no itching or redness.  But my skin did appear activated by the combination of serum and LED.  Not sure how to describe it but I knew that something positive happened.

That day, I rushed to a few morning appointments including a massage and my first B12 shot.  When I returned home that afternoon, I looked at my skin again and realized that a miracle had taken place.  When I woke up that morning, I was suffering from a rare breakout.  There was a lot of activity going on underneath the skin's surface which led to the formation of a slightly painful blemish.  By that afternoon, that breakout was gone!

No lie.

During my consultation, before the B12 shot, the facialist asked me about any skin concerns.  I let her know that my primary concerns were "acne and acne scars."  She replied, "I don't see any acne on your skin....so we don't have to treat that."

Mind you, this conversation occurred hours after I woke up with a painful cyst on my face.

The only thing I did differently was the serum infused LED session + a microcurrent facial massage. Suddenly, my skin was blemish free.  At first, I feared that my new LED Mask would eventually end up in a pile of unused gadgets that failed to meet expectations but, that's certainly not the case.  This mask is my new homie.  Today, I feel like the overall texture of my skin has improved. I literally woke up, this morning, excited to use my crazy light up mask again.

I'm still awaiting the arrival of one more gadget.  This one has the potential to completely eradicate my discoloration and texture issues for good.  More to come on that.  

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