Toned Abs in 7 days? This Youtuber Shows Us How She Did It.

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In last year of high school I started a ritual that I wish I would have maintained.  Essentially, before bed, I would do around 100 sit ups.  Since I don't have a long torso, my midsection can easily become a problem area. So I decided to do regular ab work to keep that problem in check. I don't quite remember the outcome of my diligent efforts, but I do recall engaging in horse play with a class mate in biology.  When he tickles my tummy, he quickly commented, "whoa, you have a strong core, what are you doing?"  That's when I revealed my nightly ritual.

Years later, I picked up the habit again. I was working at my dad's shop at the time. And when business was slow, I use his little ab machine to a few core exercises every day.  My husband (boyfriend at the time), caught a glimpse of my tummy one day and commented on how toned it was.  Because I chose to do ab work when I was bored, I got to enjoy a bikini ready body at all times.
Later, I landed a job in corporate America which didn't give me the luxury of doing crunches in between meetings.  So my daily regimen of sit ups fell by the way side. But I picked up the habit, again when I learned that Kelly Rowland maintained an evening routine of doing 200 sit ups.  Kelly has well defined, visible abs that aren't overdeveloped.  To me, Kelly's abs are goals.
Kelly Rowland displaying her magnificent core
Just as I was thinking of doing daily crunches again, a video pops up in my Youtube suggestions of a 7 day, 100 sit ups a day, challenge.  I immediately clicked the thumbnail.

This spunky Youtuber committed to doing 100 crunches a day.  Her workout consisted of series of movements that addressed all of her core muscles, including both upper and lower abs.  The entire routine was only 10 minutes long.  Best of all, she only did 10 reps of each exercise.  This lessens the possibility of overdeveloping the muscle and creating bulky abs.

Her results came pretty quickly.  By Friday, she already noticed a difference in how her abs looked and felt.  It's probably because she also incorporated other healthy lifestyle changes around the same time. For instance, she experimented with drinking a gallon of water a day and ate a ton more veggies!  Lastly, she didn't indulge in her greatest weakness---eating candy.  Reducing her sugar intake while loading up on veggies is a sure fire way to make sure her hard work paid off.

I don't know about you, but after watching the video, I'm fired up to try this challenge.

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  1. wow. it's true though. i have been back at pilates class for only 2 weeks, and i have already noticed!! :)


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