The Pre-Night Out Skin Ritual Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, I was minding my own business when all of the sudden, my phone buzzed.  An incoming text from my husband was the culprit.  I casually glanced at my phone and read the message.  Apparently, he stumbled upon a quaint little cajun inspired seafood bar. The online reviews were favorable and they were offering oyster specials that night.  He asked if I wanted to try it out.

After accepting the invitation, I thought for a moment and realized that I was going on a date.  He and I have been married for over a decade so going out to eat isn't anything special.  But since the restaurant was located near his job downtown, we'd meet there after work.  Meeting him there would create a whole new dynamic to our dinner date because he wouldn't have any idea what I'm wearing or what my hair would look like, etc.

This presented the perfect opportunity to try out a "pre-night out" skin ritual.  The pre-night out ritual is inspired by celebrities who often undergo various beauty treatments before hitting the red carpet.  This to ensure that their skin is absolutely glowing for the big event.

The last time I did the pre-night out skin ritual, it was a huge success. The simple act of infusing deep hydration into my skin via a Korean sheet mask gave me a subtle glow the entire night.

So, I decided to experiment with other tactics to see what was possible.  Last night, I opted to give myself a 3 step mini-facial.  Typically, if I do a facial, it's on a Sunday afternoon/evening.  My efforts pay off with brighter, healthier skin, but I don't really take full advantage of that post-facial glow.

A special occasion, like going out for dinner, is the perfect time to showcase flawless skin.  When the both of you gaze into each other's eyes from across the table, don't you want to look radiant? Nothing gives you radiance like a deep cleansing facial.  To keep it simple, I kicked off the process by doing a brief facial massage with coconut oil.  This helps stimulate blood flow to the face, causing you to look vibrant! The last thing you want after a long, stressful day is to show it on your face.

Midway through the massage, I grab a facial steamer and continue the process while allowing steam to open my pores.  After several minutes of steaming, I head to the bathroom to cleanse. Immediately after rinsing, I swipe my wet face with the Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar.  It's not the most purifying clay mask I own, but it works and it's super convenient since no mixing is required. Simply swipe over your damp face and you're done.  The clay mask dries quickly as I get dressed and rinses off with ease.  Once rinsed, I rehydrated my skin and proceed to the makeup application process.

I once believed that the purpose of makeup was to cover up all of the flaws on our face.  I've since realized the error in my thinking.  Makeup looks 10X better on pretty skin.  By steaming and applying a clay mask beforehand, I'm creating a smooth canvas.  This is far, far superior to cleansing alone.  Last night, the makeup glided on my skin.  Instead of covering my entire face with foundation, I only applied a little Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer where needed.

Now that I've experienced the difference between cleansing alone versus pre-treating the skin, I'm ready to continue the experiment.  Prior to attending my networking event tonight, I might try using a mild mandelic acid or glycolic acid peel.   Neither of these peels are strong enough to cause any skin peeling.  What they actually do is dissolve the outer layer of the skin causing an instant brightening effect.  I suspect this will give me a natural glow that'll shine through from underneath my makeup.

I'll test various treatments before makeup application to tailor fit it for the occasion.  For example, if attending a daytime appointment,  maybe I try a laxative facial or use the LED Mask in lieu of an exfoliating product.  The possibilities are truly endless. I just know that I plan on incorporating some type of skin enhancing ritual as much as possible before heading out.

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  1. This is fantastic! I never thought to do a facial BEFORE a night out! Thanks for sharing!


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