[TRY THIS] Supermodel Jasmine Tookes' nightly beauty ritual.

A while back, I wrote about the wonderful benefits of enduring cold showers.  Then I discovered cryotherapy which is like cold showers on crack.  Cold therapy can be a powerful ally in the war for flawless skin.  Many celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and ageless rapper Pharrell leverage cold water to tighten pores after cleansing.

There was a time when I took cold showers without even batting an eye. But lately, I haven't really been up to it.  The benefits I experienced from the frigid water was undeniable so I had to find a happy medium.  Luckily for us, Supermodel Jas Tookes has an alternative solution.
First off, the moment you lay eyes on this woman, the very first thought that comes to mind is "what does she do to her skin?"  Of course, we can probably attribute some of her beauty to genetics but if genetics were the only reason for her flawless skin, then Jasmine wouldn't necessarily have to take on this nightly beauty routine.

Before bed, Jas gives herself an ice cube facial.  Essentially, she rubs an ice cube over her face until it's fully melted.  According to Jas, this simple step before bed allows her to "wake up with a perfect complexion."
My theory on cold-therapy facials is this.  Not only does it help shrink pore size (which is what we ALL want) but cold stimulates blood flow.  Increased circulation is essential for young, glowing skin.  Take a look at the skin of young people.  Their internal circulation is at an all-time high and it's evident in the quality of their skin.  As we age, our internal circulation quickly declines.

Icing our skin promotes additional blood flow directly to the facial muscles.  Do you know what else promotes blood flow to muscles?  Exercise.  My theory is that cold therapy simulates the effects of exercise.  Probably not to the extent of actually working out but, I do believe that ice cubes on the face can have some muscle toning benefits.  Some women swear by cold water therapy for helping to keep their breasts firm.  This speaks to the potential benefits of increasing blood circulation to the area.  

Back when acne was a major concern, I'd use ice water to help curb inflammation from active breakouts.   It worked like a charm.  Now, I'm ready to utilize ice cubes to create a glowing complexion.  For some, putting ice cubes on the skin might be a bit harsh.  If that's the case, try using one of these nifty ice facial rollers.  Apparently, these facial rollers are great for addressing migraines and eliminating puffy under eye bags.  Others like to use these rollers to help calm the skin after a microneedling treatment.  I'm gonna grab one with a stainless steel head, according to Amazon reviewers, the stainless steel rollers stay cold for a long time.   Seems to be a less messy alternative to using an actual ice cube.

Then I wondered about the merits of doing an ice facial at night before bed.  Obviously, an ice facial in the a.m. can help with undereye bags and prime the pores for makeup but about at night?  My only guess is that the increased circulation to the face is beneficial to the repair/rejuvenation process that occurs while we sleep.  Jasmine likes to complete her ice facial by applying pure vitamin E oil to her skin.  Let's add her to the list of celebrities who go to bed greasy for glowing skin in the morning.


  1. Try putting your sheet masks in the fridge so they're nice and cold when you use them. Amazingly beautiful skin after each session. I love it!


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