DIY // How to transform your water into an Anti-Aging Beauty Tonic

It's no secret that I have a mild obsession with consuming nutrition in liquid form.  The possibility of enjoying a higher absorption rate as the nutrients bypass the digestion process excites me so much.  Last year I discovered the wonders of adding chlorophyll drops to my water. Since then, I've never stopped contemplating the idea of amassing an arsenal of powerful boosters to I can add to my water anytime.

The newest member to my water booster collection is green tea extract.  I selected it because of my brief experience in drinking green tea regularly this winter.  After learning about its appetite suppressing potential, I decided to give it a shot.    I really enjoyed my daily cup of green tea but when the weather warmed up, I couldn't enjoy a hot cup of tea like I used to.  The next best option is to add green tea drops to my water.  But adding green tea extract to your drink isn't the same as drinking a cup tea.  The extract so much more powerful.  It's like enjoying the benefits of multiple cups of tea at once.

I don't currently have anything in my water boosting arsenal that provides high levels of antioxidants.  Lord knows I need it for those times when my diet isn't as clean as I'd like.   The end goal is to acquire various high antioxidant extracts that, when combined, will transform my plain water into a super antioxidant powerhouse.   My inspiration for this comes from a product already on the market.  It was developed by one of Hollywood's top plastic surgeons.  The reviews I read were pretty favorable so I thought I'd create a DIY version.  Their main ingredients are green tea, goji, grapeseed and maqui berry extract.  All are known for their antioxidant, anti-aging properties.   Maqui berry has over 30 times more antioxidant power than the mighty acai.

Eventually, I purchase each of these extracts and combine them to make my own water booster.  The warmer it gets, the more water I consume. This is the perfect opportunity to nourish my body at the cellular level.

We're going to drink water anyway. Might as well enjoy a skin loving, appetite suppressing, antioxidant filled bottle of water.  Because liquid extracts tend to be more concentrated, I'll be sure not to go overboard.  My plan is to drink a bottle of antioxidant water either first thing in the morning or in the evening hours after a meal.  If I feel a bit queasy, I'll pair the water with a meal but hopefully, I can enjoy it on an empty stomach without any adverse repercussions.

At the very least, this water booster concoction might provide a natural energy boost and maybe it'll help increase my metabolism & suppress my appetite.  It's also good to know that, long term, my skin is nourished at a cellular level.

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