How Enjoying Red Wine Can Promote Healthy Hair

For the past several months, I've really neglected my self-care routines.  I haven't been eating all that healthy, my sleep has been sporadic and I haven't placed my well-being as a high priority.  Since it's a new month, I thought now would be a great time to get back on track.

On a whim, I went online and purchased a round of cryotherapy sessions which happened to be on sale.  Once that was done, I started looking around for IV Drip centers nearby.  Once I learned that we could feed our bodies a cocktail of nutrients that nourish from the inside out,  I wanted in.

A friend happened to text me the other day that she scheduled an acupuncture treatment nearby.  I immediately told her that I was thinking of trying cosmetic acupuncture and maybe we could go together.  We agreed and I proceed to locate the info for the alternative health office.  But once I got on their website, I was immediately distracted by the fact that they also offered IV therapy.

Minutes later, I was on the line with a rep. But instead of asking about acupuncture, I inquired about the IV.  "Do you guys offer any beauty cocktails that benefit the hair, skin and nails?"  After a moment of silence, the woman on the other line asked me to hold on while she asked around for more info.

After, what seemed liked forever, she finally returned with some good news.  "We offer a resveratrol drip which has beauty benefits."  I thanked her for her response and politely ended the call.  My first thought was "resveratrol? Isn't that the stuff in red wine? How is that gonna benefit the hair and skin?"
The reason why the woman on the phone recommended the resveratrol treatment is because of its incredible antioxidant potency.  Even more powerful in fighting free radicals than even vitamin C & vitamin E.  Not to mention that resveratrol outperformed a prescription strength antioxidant in clinical tests by 17X.   It's a powerful anti-aging compound.  In fact, resveratrol is revered for preserving the health and vitality of Parisians even though the French are known for eating high fat meals on a regular basis.  Experts believe their regular consumption of red wine plays a big role in the lower instance in heart disease in France versus the U.S.

Beauty benefits aside, I'm convinced that supplementing with resveratrol makes sense from a heart health standpoint.

Then I kept digging.  In the back of my mind, I wondered if there were any hair benefits to be had from consuming one of the most powerful antioxidants in existence.

My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered.  Countless men who study various treatment options for male pattern baldness have already started incorporating resveratrol into their regimens.   This is because of studies conducted where resveratrol combined with turmeric had a positive effect on hair growth in men & women who were losing their hair.

The study showed positive results in slowing down hair loss and stimulating growth in both mice and humans.  The Chinese herb ho shou wu contains similar chemicals to resveratrol and can provide similar benefits.  Hence the reason why ho shou wu is considered a Chinese hair herb.  I've even read a few accounts online where some say that taking resveratrol has slowed down/stopped the graying of their hair.  Ho shou wu is said to provide the same anti-graying benefits.

I'm convinced of the anti-aging, antioxidant benefits of resveratrol.  I'd like to include it in my regular supplementation routine going forward.  Maybe sometime in the near future, I'll even treat myself to a resveratrol IV drip to experience the fullness of its anti-aging power.

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