Hydrogenated Fats, Bad. Hydrogenated Water, Good? You'll never want to drink plain water again

Years back, I figured out that the common beauty secret of most A list celebrities is the copious amount of water they consume on a daily basis. Since then, I've been obsessed with increasing my water intake as much as possible.

This habit has served me well over the years.  And whenever I slack on my water intake, I truly notice a difference.  I'm also very aware that not all water is created equal.   At the bottom of the totem pole is plain ol' tap water.  But if you really want to nourish your body, you can opt for mineral water or maybe throw in a few lemon slices.   Or perhaps you might want to try switching out your plastic water bottle for a copper vessel.   I thought I had discovered all the ways to make your water a bit healthier.  Turns out that I knew nothing.  Because there's a water that so healthy that it's been shown to produce documented health benefits.

This might be the ultimate health and beauty water on the market.
The water I speak of has already been a craze in Japan for a while.  Japan has the highest aging population in the world which makes them hyper-focused on discovering ways to promote longevity and optimal health.  One of their past discoveries is now making its way to the U.S.  They've realized the key to turning water into a super health elixir.

Hydrogen water is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its super-antioxidant qualities.  Some of you might be scratching your head and asking "doesn't water already contain hydrogen?"  Yes and no.  Technically, the composition of water is 1 molecule oxygen and two molecules of hydrogen.  Hydrogen water actually contains a surplus of hydrogen. This surplus molecule is tiny and easily absorbed at the cellular level.  Once absorbed, wonderful things start to happen.

Japan is already aware of the wonders of hydrogen water because they've conducted several studies that support its beneficial qualities.  Basically, the extra hydrogen molecule is a super antioxidant that attacks damaging free radicals.  Hydrogen water proponents rave about its ability to fight inflammation and oxidative stress.  As you may know, free radicals and inflammation are a common factor in many of the diseases and ailments that we suffer from today.  Could hydrogen water become a strategy to help fight diseases?

One study of 20 participants showed some promising results.  The people who participated in the study were all overweight.  The only thing they were asked to do over the course of 8 weeks was to drink 1.5-2 liters of hydrogen water daily.  No change in diet was required.  Once the 8 weeks were over, they experienced a nearly 40% spike in an enzyme that helps the body fight free radicals.  They also enjoyed a reduction in cholesterol levels and a drop in a chemical compound that promotes oxidative damage.  Can your normal water do that?

Cancer patients who drank hydrogen water after undergoing radiation therapy experienced a higher Quality of Life (QOL) score than the placebo group which drank equal amounts of plain water.  There are also brain protection benefits of this wonderful hydrogenated water.  But the benefits don't stop there.  On an everyday level, hydrogen water is said to help shorten recovery time after your work outs.

The beauty benefits of hydrogen water are worth mentioning.  This water is so powerful that just bathing in it has the ability to affect fine lines and wrinkles.  People who bathed in hydrogen water for 3 months noticed "significantly improved wrinkles in the skin."  When hydrogen water is used daily in one's skin care routine, it "repressed UVA-induced skin damage." Hydrogen water was also said to "significantly prevent cell death" and DNA damage caused by sun exposure.  I read a review where a happy customer claimed that hydrogen water alleviated her eczema when nothing else helped.

Now that we're aware of the potential of hydrogen water, how do we get our hands on it?

If you want to incorporate hydrogen water into your routine, you've got several options.  If you're super serious about enjoying hydrogen water on a regular basis, you may want to consider investing in your very own hydrogen water making machine.  They even offer portable water bottles that generated hydrogen water for you on the spot!  For a more portable option, there are hydrogen tablets that you can drop right into your current water.  There are lots of options to fit into any budget.  Even Dr. Perricone has got into the hydrogen water game by launching his own brand of hydrogen water sourced directly from Japan.  There's lots of articles and content available on this miracle water.  Be sure to do your research.  I love the promise of this antioxident water and can't wait to try it.

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