This "Smell Good" Detox Enhances the Scent of your favorite Fragrances.


As summer quickly approaches, one of the dominant thoughts that pops up in my mind is initiating a pre-summer detox process. Typically, as temperatures rise, our internal processes become more active. We sweat more in an attempt to try to keep cool. Our oil production increases causing a spike in breakouts. I try my best to take a proactive approach an initiate the detox before summer hits. This helps to spare me from unnecessary breakouts.

2018 will be no different! But, this time around, I want to heavily focus on enhancing my natural scent. My motive for this is because I find myself drawn to fragrances with extremely light, exceptionally natural scents. Unlike the fragrances of yesteryear, newly developed perfumes are often light and underwhelming. Like "no makeup, makeup," fragrances of today are designed to simply enhance our natural scent. Best of all, they collaborate with our natural pheromones creating our own alluring smell.

If you'd like to enhance your natural scent, here are some tips to incorporate into your regimen.At the most fundamental level, the most effective way to begin this detox process is to increase your water intake. We typically drink water to help quench our thirst. Drinking when you're thirsty does nothing to promote detox. You're simply consuming water to remain alive. If your urine is very yellow in color, you aren't drinking enough. Simple as that.

I often fall into the trap of drinking to satisfy thirst. Now I challenge myself to drink for "cleansing purposes." Meaning, consuming enough water to dilute my urine and stimulate my digestion. When we shower, we cleanse our skin with water. When we drink up, we cleanse our internal body with water. Taking daily showers is a must. In the same way, we should drink enough water daily to cleanse from the inside.

Once we're consuming enough water, we can incorporate liquids that promote further internal cleansing. The two, easy to drink options that I love are lemon water and chlorophyll drops. It's also a good idea to trade in your processed snacks for fruits & veggies with a high water content. I'll be drinking copious amounts of lemon water all summer long. Last year, I figured out that if I drink enough of it throughout the day, I start to develop a natural citrus scent. This is ideal for me since I'm drawn to fragrances with citrus notes. Citrus, to me, is the perfect spring/summer scent because it's the epitome of crisp freshness.
Drinking for detox purposes is cool and all but when I really want to promote internal cleansing, I scheduled a few rounds in an infrared sauna. Sweating in an infrared sauna is one of my favorite ways to quickly detox. I suggest you treat enjoy multiple sessions to experience the most benefit. If you couple sauna sessions with adequate water intake, you'll really amplify your internal cleansing.

My motto for summer is to "sweat before you sweat." Meaning, sweat out the impurities ahead of time, so by the time you're sweating on the beach, it's cleansed and pure. My goal is to sweat without fear of giving off an unpleasant odor. This isn't difficult to do if you have a proper detox regimen in place.

"When we remove internal toxins through sweating, our natural pheromones become more noticeable. "

Lastly, I detox the surface of my skin. Your skin is where your fragrance will interact with your body heat. The last thing we want to is to have layers of dead skin, lotions, and sweat residue comingling with our expensive fragrance. This is why I'm adamant about scrubbing to exfoliate our bodies. Scrub your skin and scrub it often. Better yet, scrub after sweating to create an even greater impact.

I don't know about you, but I'm trying to smell good all summer. Soon, I'll be adding a few new scents to add to my collection. Some of them are pretty pricey. I want the complex notes of my perfume to blend seamlessly with my natural scent. If you love light, "barely there" fragrances as much as I do, a pre-summer detox routine is absolutely essential.


  1. I would love a post on your fragrance faves or a collection. I'm looking for new ones to add to my collection.

    1. I was about to comment the same thing. A post of Nadage's favorite fragrances as an inspiration!


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