Glowing by Summer | Why green water might be the ultimate detoxifier.

Here we are in part 2 of our "get glowing before summer" series.  Yesterday, I shared the secret tonic that has the power to help alkalize and detox internally.  Today, I bring you an even more potent tonic that I've never discussed on the blog before.

As of late, I find myself drinking more water.  Since I'm drinking more water anyway, I might as well lace it with something extra special, right?  And what's more special then the raw essence of vitamin dense vegetables?  This essence I'm referring is chlorophyll.
sipping on some chlorophyll water as I work
They say chlorophyll molecules are similar to human blood.  Only one atom separates our blood's chemical makeup to that of of chlorophyll. Some even refer to chlorophyll as the "blood of plants." To me this means that this green elixir will be easily assimilated by the body for immediate benefits.

So when I heard about chlorophyll drops, my interest immediately peaked.  Basically,  chlorophyll drops harness the power of what makes vegetables green.  All one has to do is add a few drops to your water and suddenly you have access to the high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory power of leafy greens.

Best of all, liquid chlorophyll is a powerful detoxifier.  It actually connects with free radicals in the blood and neutralizes them.  Chlorophyll can also help remove heavy metals, carcinogens, and other toxins.  Not to mention it's ability to oxygenate the blood.

Yesterday, I talked about how lemon water could have a positive impact on body odor.  Well chlorophyll might be an even better alternative.  Also known as "body mint,"  chlorophyll can have a positive effect on both the body and our breath.    Yes, you could actually be freshening your breath with every sip of chlorophyll water.  Back in 1957, a doctor began giving his patients chlorophyll as a way of addressing anemia. But he soon discovered the scent of his patient's urine was greatly decreased.  After more testing, he concluded that between 150-200 mg of chlorophyll taken internally could reduce/eliminate breath and body odor for up to 36 hours.

The benefits of taking chlorophyll aren't just internal.  Some swear that consuming green water helps them achieve glowing skin from within.  It's a given that you should be increasing your water intake to get your skin right before summer.  So why not up the ante by infusing your water with the life-giving blood of dark green veggies.    Today, I added a few drops of ChlorOxygen to my water bottle, which immediately turned a dark green (so green that my water actually appeared black).  Without hesitation, I brought the water bottle to my lips and took a sip.  I could barely taste anything at all.  I'm used to stronger greens (like spirulina), this was way easier to consume.

Oh, one last thing, chlorophyll is also said to help suppress the appetite which can aid in weight loss.  If this isn't the perfect "get ready for summer" drink, I don't know what is.  


  1. I have questions. I already drink a green smoothie once a day,six days a week. How many times a day do you drink chlorophyll water? Do you drink it daily?

  2. Hi Anon!
    I just got mine, but I plan on putting a few drops in my water and drinking it daily. I'll probably focus on drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening. But I'm sure you can drink it throughout the day.


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