"Dewy Skin in a Bottle" | The Facial Mist that gives you the skin of your dreams

One of my favorite beauty staples is the facial mist.  I've been known to purchase stockpiles of Evian spray in the summer months.  At any given moment, I'd spray my face, hair, and body with tiny moisture particles.
"It's a light refreshing mist with a powerful punch, the second you put it on, your face glows."  -Amazon Reviewer
Then a chance encounter with Chanel Hydra Essence had me wondering if I invest in facial sprays with more than just water as the sole ingredient.  Not long after, I stumbled upon Missha's First Treatment Essence, after learning about the Korean Skin Care regimen.  Once I experienced facial essence, I immediately decided that this product was born to be a facial mist.

After formulating a few DIY versions, I learned of SK-II's Mid-day Essence facial spray.  Without hesitation, I searched to see if Missha too had their own mist on the market.  My efforts were rewarded.  As soon as I located Missha's First Treatment Essence Mist, I was sold.

The moment I received the package, I took the beauty mist for a spin.  My first observation was the difference in the spray.  The mist itself is light, smooth and comes out evenly.  Not too much, not too little.  It releases less product compared to Evian, so it doesn't leave your skin feeling too damp (an issue I sometimes encountered with my DIY spray bottles).  I love how evenly the product covers my face.

But the reason why Missha's Mist is an instant favorite, and the reason why I will continue to purchase over and over is because of the "instant dewiness effect" it gave my skin.  Ever since the start of winter, I've craved a dewy glow.  But the dry air wouldn't let me be great.  Missha's Mist is the answer I've been looking for.  As soon as the mist hit my face, my skin starts to reflect light in the most beautiful way.
I know some of y'all might be thinking "I've already got Missha's Treatment Essence, I'll just put some in a spray bottle and I'm good."

To that I say, yes....you could do that....but you'll be missing out.  First, you must experience this spray bottle.  It serves it's intended purpose in such an incredible way. Because the mist is so light, you can refresh (or use post makeup application) without the fear of saturating your skin.
Secondly, I checked out the ingredients, and this isn't simply First Treatment Essence in a spray bottle.  Sure the main ingredient (anti-aging yeast) is exactly the same but there are a few goodies in the Essence Mist that you're missing out on.  The first thing that stood out was fermented lactobacillus extract.  Lactobacillus is a good bacteria and we already know that probiotics can have a positive impact on managing acne breakouts.  High on the ingredient list is licorice root extract which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  May I also add that licorice can be effective in improving dark spots and hyperpigmentation.  There are a couple other herbs on the list with anti-inflammatory properties as well.  There's even bamboo extract which is known for it's high silica content.  I'm guessing they wanted to develop a really soothing skin mist and that's exactly what they did.

I love this dewy skin creator so much that I had to grab a second bottle in a travel size.  I will never be without it.

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