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I still remember the feeling that flooded my body right after watching The Secret.  Suddenly a whole world of possibilities was opened up to me.  The Law of Attraction was life changing and I vowed to use it every day to make all of my dreams come true.

Then, life happened and, as time passed, I found myself being caught up in the concerns of real life.  Soon I fell into a state of reacting versus attracting (or creating).  It felt like all of my creation power was diminishing and I had no way to change it.

That's when I decided to alter the situation.  I had to go back to that place when things seemed to manifest with the greatest of ease.  The road back to manifesting at a high level wasn't difficult. I just had to be intentional with my actions.  Here's what I do whenever I want to re-activate my ability to manifest powerfully.

Thee very first step to get back on the road to creating new realities is to focus on what I want.  The mind is interesting in that it loves to dwell on problems, drama, and what's not going well.  It finds an issue and feeds on it.  That becomes all we think about. And as we focus on it, the concerns seem to grow.  This fixation on my problems is the first thing I address whenever I wish to create a new outcome.  The only thing I allow myself to focus on is WHAT I WANT.  If something was happening in reality that wasn't aligned with what I want, I would pay it no attention.  It's almost like cutting off the oxygen source to a candle.  The flame quickly dies down.

As I focus on what I want to experience, I'm reacting to my intentions the way a mother responds to her toddler's efforts.  When a baby tries to take it's first steps, his mother is overcome with joy and makes a big deal out of it.  That's exactly what I do.  If I see even small signs of my intentions manifesting, I can barely contain myself.  As I focus on the birth of my intention, it grows quickly.

Another technique I employ in the creation process is to set the right environment for my intentions to flourish.  There are many levels to this.  You can focus on your internal environment by visualizing. This helps build your belief.  After working on my internal environment, I like to work on the immediate external environment by cleaning and organizing my home.  Next, I spend time in an environment that correlates with what I want to create. 

 Example: (1.) I would often work at coffee shops so I could be alongside other entrepreneurs when my intention was to work for myself.  (2.) When I was in the job hunting process, I would visit potential employers multiple times and imagine myself working there. (3). Test driving my dream car several years before I finally purchased it.  

These are all examples of altering your current environment to make it look like the outcome that you wish to experience.

Another step to the creation process is to constantly reflect on the things that exist because of an intention you once set in the past.  Whenever I do this, I'm reminded of how effective this process is.  In doing so, my belief grows even more.  Plus, I'm igniting the feelings of abundance and gratitude.  Feeling grateful and abundant will bring ease to the creation process.

Lastly, creation will not work unless you are able to focus on it.  That's the biggest challenge for me.  Somedays, I easily maintain my focus on manifesting. Other days......not so much.  The first rule of of becoming a master level creator is to stay engaged in the creation process at all times.  Every day, we set our intentions and align our actions accordingly.  And everyday we acknowledge the progress made.  Acknowledging is a form of collecting evidence that what you desire is truly unfolding.  And once you know that it's working, nothing can stop you.

Like they say, we're always in the process of creating. Our job is to bring intention into the process. Instead of allowing things to happen, we need take on an active role. And, we'll be rewarded handsomely for our efforts.

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