Ciara & Kenya Moore used the Law of Attraction Principles to Attract Their Mates. Here's How.

Recently, I came across two articles where celebrity women have mentioned using Law of Attraction techniques to find their husbands.  I'm going to try to tackle this topic in case someone came across their sound bite and wanted to know more about the process.

I'm no expert on using the law of attraction to attract one's ideal partner.  I was already married by the time The Secret movie came out.  But, I've studied the law of attraction over the years and thought I could provide some extra commentary on how to apply this law in dating and courtship.
In the past couple of weeks, I've read interview snippets where both Kenya Moore and Ciara discussed what they did to increase their chances of meeting the men of their dreams.  We don't know the future outcome of their relationships, but for now, both seem to be in happy committed unions with men that make them happy.

The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives outcomes, people, and things that reflect our past/present pattern of thoughts & feelings. I personally find that attracting things is a bit more straightforward than attracting people.  But it's entirely possible.

Here's what Ciara had to say in a recent interview with Essence.

"I think it's really important for women to know exactly what we want and to be clear about it & also be patient." For additional clarity, Ciara wrote down what she wanted to enhance her vision.  In her words, "I'm a believer in seeing, speaking it, and writing it down."

Kenya Moore recently told People Magazine that she's "always used positive visualization to get what she wants." Months before meeting the man of her dreams Kenya went through the process of putting together a vision board which included an image of a wedding, a happy couple, a home and a baby.  Six months later, she met how now husband.
I'm sure many of us are familiar with a vision board.  Heck, most of us probably have one or two laying around.  But how many of us are manifesting big goals within months of pasting a bunch of pictures on a poster board?  To attract her current lifestyle, Kenya had to fully engage in the law of attraction process.

Kenya mentions that her vision board was with her wherever she went. This kinda reminds me of interviews I've heard where people talk about writing down their goals every day.  Kenya kept her vision board close to ensure that her vision stayed top of mind.  The board itself isn't magical but the act of putting one together requires a heightened level of focus on identifying exactly what you want. The hardest part of the law of attraction process is ensuring that we keep our vibration levels up. Sometimes we say we want something but soon lose the intensity around that desire.  Kenya's practice of taking her vision board with her was to ensure that she didn't lose her sense of focus.

I think the greatest benefit of applying the law of attraction in preparing for your next relationship is the clarity you'll gain from the exercise. Whether you're writing it down like Ciara or constructing a visual representation like Kenya, it helps to be crystal clear and what you want. My guess is that neither Ciara or Kenya have applied this level of clarity in previous relationships.  I say this because Kenya's vision relationship board didn't exist recently.  We've seen some of past failed relationships play out on national television.  In early 2018, Ciara stated that "she was making the wrong choices" when it came to relationships.  This leads me to believe that both women were dating without clarity.   It's ok to date, meet new people and have fun.  But just be aware that casual dating and clarity dating are very differnent could lead to opposite outcomes.

When you're clear about what you want, you vibrate with a new energy.  You have a greater understanding of which partners potentially align with your desire and which don't.  Sometimes you gain that clarity from interacting with people who don't reflect what you want. I'm sure this happened in Ciara's case.  She met Future and probably was enamored with his charisma.  If she was clear about her desire to be with someone who wanted a committed relationship, she probably wouldn't have gotten so involved with him.  But that situation really forced her to become clear about what she wanted.  Not long later, she crossed paths with Russell.  Both women met and married their current husbands in a relatively short time period after implementing their LOA techniques.  My guess is that they maintained a high level of intensity around their desire which could account for how quickly they manifested.   Sometimes, when we're single for a while, we tend to let our guard down about what we truly want.  Getting out of an unsuccessful relationship may be the perfect time to try implementing LOA in your dating life because you are very intuned with that you want.

Years before The Secret came out, I ended a long-term, dead-end relationship.  One day, as I walked around a lake, I made a verbal list to God about what I wanted in a future partner.  I eventually met my now husband. We were only just friends at the time but he made his feelings clear about wanting a future with me.  We knew each other for a while before he moved to another state.  Around that time, I decided to start dating casually. The more men I interacted with, the clearer I became about what I did and did not want.  Around that same time, my now husband and I had a heart to heart and began a long distance relationship.  Months later, he moved back and proposed on the day he returned.  The timeline looked something like this: At 23, I ended a five-year relationship. Met my future husband at 24, was friends with him until 26. Married him at 27.   I didn't realize how quickly I met my husband after creating my list until I wrote this post. 

If you want to ensure that you attract potential husbands into your dating life, you must first be clear.  If you desire a long-term/committed relationship, you should quickly determine which of your suitors are aligned with your intentions.  Verbalize what you want, write them down, put pictures on poster board. Do whatever it takes to get clear.  It's also important to stay connected to what you desire because sometimes, we forget when a handsome face or a smooth talker approaches.

If you're dating, you are technically already "attracting" potential mates into your life.  When these interactions are always leading to dead ends, perhaps you can consider fine tuning your vibration so you attract more of what you want.   We know of women who keep attracting the same type of guys over and over.  We also know of those instances where a woman leaves a failed relationship then somehow meets their prince charming.  A guy who's totally unlike that last one.  What's the difference? One woman became crystal clear about what type of man she prefers than dates accordingly.  If your end goal is to attract the type of man you want while believing that a healthy long-term relationship is possible, set your vibration to attract what you desire.

If you want to apply the Law of Attraction in the area of relationships take some time to view many of the "how I manifested my husband" videos on Youtube for inspriation.  Being married isn't the end all be all to life. But if you want a lifelong partner, you might as well try this technique instead of dating without purpose and hoping that you find the right one.


  1. This is such a timely post, with the royal wedding having happened this past weekend. "We also know of those instances where a woman leaves a failed relationship then somehow meets their prince charming." - This line here reminds me of Meghan Markle in fact. Being a 36 year old divorcee and now the Duchess of Sussex. God can use any and all of our experiences in life as a comeback! The end of a good thing is only the beginning of something greater.

    I did also notice a few typos in the article:
    1) "she met how now husband." should be "She met her now husband".
    2) "are very differnent could lead to opposite outcomes." should be "are different and could lead to opposite outcomes".

    Hope this helps and thanks for the deeply inspiring and encouraging article!

  2. What if you have no suitors or the ones you do attract are not what you want (married/have a bunch of kids/have a record/old enough to be your parent who had you at a old age)? I haven't dated in 2 years because I know what I want in a relationship (and have wrote down what I want) but since I'm just entering my 30s idk if I am going to meet someone or if I should just go to the spermbank since I would like to have one kid.

    1. Hi Anon! This is such a good question. I'm going to tackle it in an upcoming post.

    2. Reading your comment, I can see negative thought process. Simply writing something down is not enough. You have to have positive thoughts and belief in order to attract the same. You cannot harbor negativity- frustration, doubt, hopelessness etc and expect a different manifestation. Pick up the book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain if you are serious about making a change.


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