Let's Talk About The Ways to Treat Stretch Marks

I received a request to cover the topic of addressing stretch marks.  Since summer is on its way, I thought it now would be a great time to discuss.  Summer is all about being confident and, sometimes, visible stretch marks can interfere our confidence.  I believe that stretch mark management requires a comprehensive approach.

So let's talk about all the ways to avoid and treat them.
Before we start talking about treatment options, we much first understand why stretch marks occur.  Essentially, we experience the little markings following a period of rapid skin stretching.  Typically it's an outcome of rapid weight gain or pregnancy. Even bodybuilders experience stretch marks as they bulk up and put on muscle mass.  Our bodies try to adapt to the rapid stretching but sometimes elasticity levels aren't enough to avoid creating visible markings.

A lot of sources will tell you that you can't prevent/avoid stretch marks but I have other thoughts. If I was prone to stretch marks, I would make sure to do everything in my power to promote skin elasticity.  Of course, this means increasing my water intake as the first step.  Especially if I've noticed that I've been gaining weight. I've talked about the role of dehydration and weight gain in the past.  If you're gaining weight, make sure to stay hydrated to support the normal functioning (and general health) of your skin.

If I wanted to avoid visible side effects of the breakdown of the skin, my first instinct would be to reach for my trusty collagen.  Y'all know I love my collagen. It does wonders for helping to preserve the integrity of our skin.  Adequate collagen levels create thicker, more resilient skin.  Who wouldn't want that? Thicker, more resilient skin is probably better equipped to handle the additional stress that precedes the formation of stretch marks.

If stretch marks run in your genetics, you probably should consider a complete nutritional support and prevention strategy that includes:
Everything on the list will help to support skin health. But there's one more supplement that I need to mention. Years ago, I wrote about a woman who documented her weight loss journey on Youtube.  She was very transparent in displaying her body during the transformation process. One thing a lot of her followers noticed was that she was virtually stretch mark free even though she was obese. Best of all, she didn't have any loose skin even though her weight loss was substantial. 

Her secret? 

MSM. More specifically, she used and MSM based soap on a daily basis.  MSM, like collagen and silica, are known for how they support the integrity of the skin.  Consider taking MSM internally and taking it one step further by incorporating a soap or lotion to your regimen if you're prone to stretch marks.

 I would approach the strategy of diminishing stretch marks in a similar fashion as addressing other forms of skin scarring. Microneedling did wonders to smooth out the appearance of my acne scars.  The process pretty much causes microtrauma to the skin so it repairs itself in a meaningful way.  If your stretch marks are more substantial, there are now lasers on the market that can reduce their appearance after several sessions.   Some people have great things to say about BioOil and its ability to address stretch marks. Oils that have the ability to minimize scarring like vitamin E can also act as an ally in your war against stretch marks.  Exfoliation will also be a big help in creating smooth, even-toned skin all over.

Lastly, it's important for me to note that stretch marks are beginning to lose their stigma of being "ugly."  I'm seeing more and more women who embrace their womanly marks.  Some brands are even forgoing using photoshop to remove stretch marks from their marketing images.  Do you remember how freckles were sees as undesirable but now there are tutorials and filters that actually create faux freckles.  We're starting to experience a shift in society where all types of features are embraced and revered as beautiful.  I wouldn't be shocked if stretch marks are viewed as an attractive physical trait.  If I had very visible stretch marks, I'd probably add strength training to my regimen because I think the combination of a toned body and stretch marks creates a unique dichotomy.  A balance of two elements typically regarded as opposites creates something interesting and notable.

Even if none of the remedies above reduce the appearance of your markings, its ok to fall in love and fully embrace them.

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  1. I just received my MSM soap in the mail!! I remembered your post a while back I ordered some to try. Thank you for all of the amazing information!! ❤️


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