America's Next Top Model Runner-Up Reveals Her Favorite Beauty Supply Store Lip Gloss


My favorite Instagram lives are the ones where we tag along for an impromptu get ready with me.  Often, the person is just chit chatting while they execute their entire makeup routine.  Most of the time, we are given a glimpse into the raw, unsponsored, look into their makeup stash.  I've come across a few gems from jumping on these random lives.  One of my favorite mascara's, L'Oreal Telescopic was introduced to me via Kendra Bailey's live.  I talked about it in a previous Instagram Beauty Secrets Post.

Today, I want to share another product that I might pick up thanks to the recommmendation of former America's Next Top Model Runner Up, Tatiana Elizabeth.
Tatiana is like your typical working model who likes to keep her makeup as natural as possible.  She concentrates on creating a flawless face by pairing Makeup Forever HD Foundation with one from Becca.  For most of the time on the live, Tatiana is seen patting a beauty blender on her face to ensure that her foundation and skin became one.  Once her concealer and mascara was applied, Tatiana finished her face with a simple tube of lipgloss.

Instantly, the comments were flooded with questions about which lip gloss she was using.  Tatiana non-chalantly picked up the tube and informed everyone that her gloss was a dollar store brand called Lip-Vita.

Her tube was a pale green color which is their Vita mint oil (with cooling effect).  The minute she put some on, you could tell the immediate difference in her lips.  Tatiana went on to proclaim that it was her favorite lip product.  And, because of the price, she didn't mind if a tube ever gets lost or misplaced.

The last thing I need is another lip moisturizer.  I honestly thought about sitting this one out until I read a bunch of reviews like these:
"The best lip gloss i’ve ever used🙌🏾🙌🏾 ive only had the rose hip and coconut one but they’re both amazing especially for the price. i use the coconut one in the day and it keeps my lips moisturized all day, then at night i use the rose hip because i feel like it repairs my lips more at night. oh and they’re not sticky which made me fall in love."
"Omggg I want these so baddd my best friend let me borrow hers and literally moisturised my lips so much and made it look soo glossy and I love it so much and I need one!!!!"
"I love this gloss, it’s hydrating, has a mild but pleasant scent, the perfect texture with minimal stickiness, and the best part is that it’s affordable."
Unbelievably, these wonderful little glosses will run you only about $1.00 each!  That is....if you can find them at your local beauty supply store or some place like Dollar General.  If you can't find them in your neck of the woods, no worries, Ebay has 'em for nearly the same price.  I've got my eye on the rosehip one.  You guys know how much I love rosehip.   I don't think I've ever seen it featured in a lip gloss before.  Since rosehip is said to have a mild exfoliating effect, I'm hoping that regular use might actually make my lips smoother.  If a dollar store lip gloss is good enough for a reality tv model, it's good enough for me.

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  1. Great post - Everytime I click on a new post I find something else to spend money on LOL!


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