Rosehip Oil. Where have you been all my life?

If you're like me, you've probably got a wide array of carrier oils at your disposal.  You've tried them all.  There's no new oil out there that you need to experience.  Well, I'm here to tell you to make room for one more.

When I was researching lotion boosters that create an all over smooth skin tone, I stumbled upon rosehip seed oil.  According to the claims, this oil could actually help fade discoloration.  I thought to myself, "if what they're saying is true, I could implement rosehip oil as part of my acne scar reduction daily action plan."

The moment the bottle arrived, I tested the oil to see what's up.  The first thing I did was massage my face with a couple drops.  That's when the magic happened.  You see, I've applied many varieties of oil to my face over the years.  But rosehip is the only oil that I feel is qualified to be a true facial oil.

Here's why I say that.  If I ever want to wear face oil in public, I can only wear a tiny amount without walking around with a shiny face.  The only time I could probably get away with it is during the winter when my skin is driest.  Never have I been able to fully incorporate oil as part of my everyday facial regimen.....until now.

Rosehip oil is the ultimate skin oil because, unlike the others, it's completely non-greasy.  This is thee first oil I've tried that completely sinks into the skin, not just sit on it.  Not only that, the texture/consistency of the oil is so nourishing.  Rosehip is loaded with antioxidents, vitamin A, C, E, fatty acids and you can feel the luxuriousness of it as you rub it in.

This dry oil is perfect for rubbing on the body as well.  I have some scarring on my body that I want to address.  I can easily massage it on my body and not have to worry about oil transferring to my clothes.  You're probably wondering, "how can an oil help improve acne scars and marks?"  Well, according to what I read, rosehip has the ability to help promote cell turnover while increasing blood flow to your skin.  This may have to do with the vitamin A content.  If you can't afford a retin A prescription, why not grab a bottle of rosehip oil instead?

Whenever I wear it, my skin feels really moisturized and slightly dewy.  No greasiness in sight.  This makes it especially easy to stay consistent. The more consistent I am, the faster I get these amazing results.  I heard one woman call it liquid botox after seeing fine lines go away within two weeks of use. Everyone within the sound of my voice needs to get hip to rosehip.

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  1. My facialist suggested Rosehip oil when I first started going to her and I have noticed a significant change. I LOVE this oil especially for my oil/combination skin! Whenever I wear it by itself I always gey compliments. Thanks for the blog post! Love your blog!

  2. This sounds kind of perfect for me, thanks for sharing x


  3. Absolutely agree with you! Rosehip oil is a miracle oil.