MANIFESTATION JOURNALING | Write out the Reality you want to create

Over the past several months, a reoccurring theme has been showing up in my life.  As a matter of fact, on Saturday I went to a seminar featuring a very well known financial expert.  During his short talk, he pulled out a journal from decades ago and read out loud entries that he wrote about the experiences he wanted to have.  As he read his intentions to the audience, I was floored at how accurate his life mirrored the desires he wrote so long ago.

Another coach of mine, is always talking about how much she was able to manifest through the power of journaling.  In one of her live events, she asked several of her journaling students to come up to the front, read from their journals, and share testimonies of how these desires were able to manifest.
Although I don't journal frequently, I do have a few from times past.  I have an old hair journal from when I first started my journey.  There are also a couple of others that chronicle some experiences I had years ago.  While I've been able to achieve several goals written in the journals, I'll confess that I wasn't writing with the intention to manifest.  I was merely trying to get my thoughts on paper.

Knowing how powerful the process of journaling could be, I've decided to reinstitute this practice. But instead of just writing about how my day was, I'd like to use my journal as a powerful tool towards realizing my goals.  Writing down your intentions is a powerful strategy because, to me, it represents the first step in bringing your goals from thought to reality.  Once your words are on paper, it has entered the physical world.

Years ago, I read a book called Write it down Make it Happen.  Actually, I didn't read the entire book.  The premise was pretty easy so I just decided to take her advise instead of reading all the details about why it might work.  I was floored with how much I was able to manifest from the list.  I don't remember all the goals I wrote down, but I do remember doubling my income and overcoming one of my most crippling fears by using her method.

Journaling can take her strategy to the next level because it incorporates one of the most powerful tools in the attraction process.  Emotion.  Instead of writing down our goals in bullet point format, we can elaborate on how it will feel when we experience it.  We can use vivid language to explain the exact details of our future experience.  For those of us who aren't great a visualizing, you might want to try creating a visual image on paper first.

You can dip your toes into the practice of Manifestation Journaling by writing down your ideal day.  If you could paint your life the way you want it, what would a perfect day look like? Write it down, read it aloud, and clearly picture it.  I can't count how many things I'm now experiencing that I first wrote down in my journal.  This is also a good strategy to change your vibration if you've been dealing withh less than desirable results lately.  Whenever things aren't going so well, we walk around feeling bad all day.  You never want to be in that position because you create more negative outcomes.  Instead, start the process of shifting your emotional state by writing down and focusing on everything you want to experience.

And when you journal, first get yourself in a feel good state. Pour yourself a cup of tea, light a yummy candle and play your favorite music in the background.  Take a couple of long deep breaths and allow yourself to get into a state of flow.  From there you are free to create the future you wish to experience.  Why not try this for 30 days and see what you can powerfully create through the practice of manifestation journaling.

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