Keep doing your scalp massages, this study shows that it actually works!

Most of us recognize scalp massage as one of the pillars of healthy hair.  The claims are that massages could actually stimulate hair growth.  Some of us might have even jumped on the bandwagon. And, after a few weeks or so, we've let go of the practice and moved on to something else.

But what if  I were to tell you that great results can be had if you just stayed consistent.
A Japanese study involving 100 participants (men & women) with balding hair demonstrated that utilizing a particular massage technique for at least 300 days (10 months) could regrow healthy hair.  According to the findings,  the "results demonstrated that all of them could have their hair regrown naturally and healthily."

If individuals with obvious balding could produce natural hair regrowth, imagine how much our hair could benefit?  The hypothesis for the study is that scalp thickness and softness may be a contributing factor to hair loss. And by addressing the health of the scalp, you can create normal growth again.  Dr. Henry Choy led the study and theorized that trapped sebum blocking the hair follicle, was the culprit towards stunted growth.

A lot of us are addicted to cleansing shampoos. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a good enough job of deep cleansing the scalp and removing build up. There are times when I scratch my scalp on wash days and can see build up under my fingernails.  When that happens, I like to mist my scalp with a little eucalyptus oil diluted with water.  I wonder if rigorous, regular scalp massage can help loosen some of that buildup for easier, more powerful cleansing.

The key to Dr. Choy's technique was two 20 minute massage sessions a day while kneading, rubbing and pressing on the scalp.  This creates maximum stimulation.  The greater the stimulation, the greater the blood flow.  The greater the blood flow, the healthier the follicle.  Healthy follicles produce strong hair (re)growth.   Apparently this technique is so effective that ALL the subjects regrew 90% of their hair.

Choy's massage technique sorta reminds me of Sanford Bennet's scalp pulling.  Both involve aggressive manipulation of the scalp and both are meant to be done consistently.  Scalp pulling was a part of Sanford's morning ritual.

Most of us reading this post probably aren't dealing with obvious hair loss.  But.....I betcha a lot of us may have clogged hair follicles.  And I'm certain that 100% of us could benefit from regular scalp massage.  Just like we exercise our bodies to maintain health, we should do regular scalp massages as a healthy habit.  If we live long enough, all of us will probably experience thinning hair. I believe it's related to deteriorating scalp muscle.  All muscles atrophy with age.  But most people don't think of scalp massage as a muscle strengthening mechanism.  But if we start this habit now, we could enjoy awesome hair growth today and forever.

If you aren't convinced yet, check out these before and after pics from a guy who followed Dr. Choy's regimen and documented his experience.

And check out this post for an intense massage technique that really promotes blood flow in a major way.


  1. this is really interesting. thanks for posting!

  2. I don't know why I have been sleeping on scalp massage. I read the man's article about massaging consistently for a year and I'm committing to it. My fiance and I will help each other each night. Why would we not do something that feels so good and can make us more beautiful? :)


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