Flawless By Summer | Lotion Boosters that perfectly evens out your skin tone

Summer is rushing towards us. It's time for the inundation of posts on how to prepare for your most flawless summer ever.  As we all know, warmer weather means showing more skin.  Even if you don't fly off to some exotic destination, your summer attire (by default) will show off your arms, shoulders, legs, back, etc.

So let's start building the habits now that'll give us the results we want.  I'm a big believer in products and routines that multitask.  One thing that 100% of us do each and every day is lotion up after the shower.  Most of us do it for the purpose of preventing dryness. But why not tweak it so we get additional benefits as well.

What I'm talking about is pairing your lotion with boosters with the ability to even out our skin tone.  Today we'll talk about a few options that can easily be combined with your lotion.  The first lotion booster is an all time favorite of mine.  It's pure vitamin E.    My brother popped a vitamin E capsule on his scar every single day after receiving several stitches for a severe gash.  Years later, he has practically no signs of scarring.  A while back, I would slather my face with vitamin E oil before bed as part of my "go to bed greasy regimen."  I woke up with a glow that you wouldn't believe.  Now, I'll be adding a couple of drops of vitamin E to my post shower body oil routine.  I'll also be experimenting with adding vitamin C serum to my body lotion as well and see what unfolds.

Another booster I'm excited to use is rosehip seed oil.  What really sold me was reading about a study where women who used rosehip oil for three weeks, saw significant improvement in surface wrinkles and fading of spots.  By the end of the four month study, they claimed their skin was way smoother and most of their spots had disappeared.  Now, who wouldn't want to slather this miracle oil all over their body?

For problem areas, you want to use a lotion that will work hard to lighten pigmentation.  I used to break out on my chest and back and was plagued with embarrassing scars.  My salvation came in the form of daily exfoliation.  Scrubbing in the shower every day gave me normal skin again.  But that takes a while. If I had to do it all again with limited time, I would definitely grab a lactic acid lotion.  Or maybe one that combines lactic and glycolic acid together like this one from Planet Earth.  

I suggest a holistic routine that incorporates physical exfoliation (scrubbing) with boosters that continue to promote even toned skin once you step  out of the shower.  And by pairing it with something you do every day anyway, you'll have zero excuses for bringing out your flawlessness by summer.  

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  1. Thanks so much for your tip I will buy MSM soap dry brush before showering with Japense ex foliating scrub mitt then moisturise with Vitamin E oil and the planet earth lotion


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