On some random weeknight, I agreed to meet a friend at Starbucks to catch up on work.  Normally, we meet at a more formal location so I was glad to convene at a casual spot.  It was good to not to have to adhere to a business casual dress code.  My friend, who's normally dressed to impress, was running late and decided to come in full laid back attire.

She wore a grey cotton top and a pair of jeans.  Even though she left the house in a rush, she still made sure the wear her signature face consisting of a bold cat eye and nude lip.  But what really created a balance and pulled her entire look together were the strategic pieces of gold jewelry.

I used to abide by the old way of thinking that grey tones look better with silver accessories.  Seeing this girl in the grey/gold combination completely shattered that myth.  Her pieces were dainty and unique.  Here statement pieces offered the perfect counterbalance the casual nature of her outfit.  And it worked so, so well.  You can tell in one glance that she had style.  And the only thing that set her apart from all the others hunched over their laptops, were a few strategically placed pieces of jewelry.

 I'm drawn to delicate pieces with both gold and diamond sprinkled into the design.  You can be fitted in an old pair of jeans and an oversized tee, but with the right accessories, your look screams laid back chic.  In fact, the more simple the wardrobe, the more impact your statement pieces will have.
These slender bangles are some of the newer pieces in my collection.  I stumbled upon them during an impromptu trip to a local jewelry store.  Unfortunately, the investment was more than I was willing to give at the time.  But, a week later, I still couldn't get them out of my head. Long story short, 30 minutes of searching online and I found the exact replicas for a fraction of the price. The originals were around $1,700 each. They're so beautiful that I had to grab both the gold and silver band.  If you have small wrists like me, you'll love them.  If not, don't worry. These cuffs have a hinge that opens up so you can easily get them on.  They are, by far, the favorite of all the bracelets I own.

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