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You guy's know that I'm a fan of Ashley's relentless dedication to flawless skin.  Thanks to her, I was introduced to Phace Bioactive's low pH cleanser and Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer.  So when she posted a flat lay of her travel essentials for an upcoming trip, I was elated.

As I took a peek at her travel sized beauty products, it reminded me of those days when I traveled weekly.  When you're away from home, you eat differently, the weather's different, so you have to bring all of your absolute best products with you to counteract anything that could go wrong.

If these are the product selections she chose to travel with, they must be good.  So let's take a gander and see if we can find any gems.
The very first thing that caught my eye PRTTY Peaushun.  I'd never heard of it before today so I had to do some digging.  According to the product description, this apparently is a super lotion with the ability to conceal imperfections, tighten skin, diminish stretch marks, and give the skin a flattering glow.  Sounds like witchcraft if you ask me.  I mean, how can one product do all of this?!  Apparently celebrities and makeup artists adore this stuff.  Reviews are a bit mixed.  But, I will say this, PRTTY Peasshun has me thinking about how to create a DIY version of this miracle lotion.  I have some thoughts that I'll share once I've had the chance to experiment.

Next to the Phace Cleanser is Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Exfoliant.  It claims to rapidly exfoliate the skin's surface while unclogging stubborn pores.  This product seems like a great compliment to Phace's gentle cleansing action.  BHA Liquid Exfoliant promises to drastically smooth the surface of the skin with its 2% BHA (beta hydroxy acid) formula.  When you're away from home, your skin can get a little defiant, so having a refining product with you is a must.

The little black bottle is 111 Skin's Celestial Black Diamond Retinol oil.  It combines two anti-aging powerhouses--going to bed greasy + retinol.  Retinol is famous for it's ability to stimulate cell turnover thereby revealing fresh, young skin.  Carrier oils are notorious for helping to preserve the skin while we sleep.  Diamond dust makes you feel all fancy and stuff.  Combine all three and you have a powerful beauty product.  The creator claims that once your skin adapts to the rapid cell turnover from the retinol, you'll be left with "fundamentally stronger skin."

Her sunscreen of choice is from a brand called La Prairie.  At first I was like "do you really need to spend over $100.00 on a sunscreen?"  But then I did some digging and learned that this SPF cream is more than just sunscreen.  It's loaded with antioxidants and collagen.  Essentially,  its a luxury beauty cream with SPF.  Most of the reviewers agreed that this anti-aging sunsceen was worth the investment.  I may add this to my splurge list in the future.
The last product that caught my eye is Mila Moursi's refining lotion.  At the top of their ingredient list is a myriad of fruit acids.  If you will recall, fruit acid peels are what helps Beyonce stay flawless.  One reviewer deemed Moursi's refining lotion as "Youth in a Bottle!  Another proclaimed, that his refining lotion was "Transformative" and that she received compliments from total strangers.  This product was developed by a celebrity skin care expert so they know how to bring out the best in our skin.  Check out this review and tell me that you don't want to try this like right now!

Oh Yeah... You Would Want To Do This
I was invited to participate in the Mila Moursi bootcamp a little more than two months ago. I wanted to use all of the products for several weeks before writing a review. I must say, I had a mini stroke when she told me how much the products cost! I purchased the refining lotion, the dual action serum and the anti-wrinkle creme.
I was hesitant to use the refining lotion because of the amount of glycolic acid in it. I do use chemical peels, but typically once a month. I must admit, I have 'good' skin and I didn't think I would notice any major change in my skin after using this product.
It did take a few days for my skin to 'adjust' to the products. I used the refining lotion every other night, to reduce skin sensitivity. But what I realized was that the refining lotion was slowly but surely improving the texture of my skin. The dark spots I had on my cheek from acne scarring were dramatically reduced after one week! I was sold on this product.
After using the refining lotion in combination with the anti wrinkle creme at night, I noticed that the tone and clarity of my skin significantly improved as well. 
My skin looks so fantastic I often don't wear any make up at all on the weekend. This is huge for me! I never did this before Mila. At work a colleague that I've known for at least 7 years told me my skin looks like, 'peaches and creme'. She insisted that I tell her what I was using on my skin.  You can't get a better compliment. I regularly receive compliments on my skin. People are always shocked to learn that I'm 49.
My make up application is also enhanced since using the Mila skincare regimen. I actually use far less product to achieve flawless results.
Just an aside: I should also share that I drink about 2 liters of water daily and I must have my green smoothies a few times a week. I don't do sugar. This too helps with having great skin
I am truly pleased with this product. I'm worth it...and so are you!  (review from Beautylish)
Of all the products in Ashley's travel bag, this one has my undivided attention.  What I learned from peeking at Ashley's favorite skin care products is that she's not afraid to invest in her skin.  This girl also loves refining products that produce perfected skin.  That's probably why she looks so amazing wearing little makeup.

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  1. hi, many of her products are indeed very high end. Well, since you are planning on a future splurge, I know that Ebates is offering $50 rebate on $250 worth of beauty products purchased at Neiman Marcus... might be worth looking into.


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