Why Micellar water will be my go-to beauty product this summer.

A while ago, I stumbled upon a few videos where folks were singing the praises of Bioderma micellar water.  At the time, access to micellar water was limited because Bioderma was only available overseas.  People would reach out to their international friends to get their hands on it.

The reason why everyone lusted after Bioderma is because micellar water can gently cleanse and remove make up like no other.  The technology of micellar water was developed back in 1913.  Basically, instead of stripping the skin, this magical water attracts and draws out impurities.  So the entire process is highly gentle for those with sensitive skin.  It's so gentle that micellar water requires no scrubbing to thoroughly remove dirt and makeup.

Luckily for us, Garnier decided to throw their hat in the micellar water game.  This means that we all can experience what it's like to have our faces graced with the gentlest of cleansers.  Honestly, I had low expectations before trying.  Since I use coconut cider vinegar as a toner, I'm used to stronger products which makes me highly skeptical of ultra gentle products that claim to cleanse deeply.

But as soon as I had my first taste, I was hooked.  Just one look at my cotton pad and I knew that Garnier had done it's thang.  Although I had no makeup on at the time, I could tell that it would have lifted it with ease.

Here's what I love about micellar water.  Summer's around the corner and typically, as the weather warms, I take on additional steps to promote freshness throughout the day.  One of my favorite go to's are facial mists.  But I also needed a product that cleanses while I'm on the go.  Coconut vinegar is a no-go because of the intense scent.  But with micellar water, I can easily sneak into the restroom and freshen my face, neck or underarms.  If I can also remove excess oil from my skin, then I'm set for life.

I will never be without micellar water again.  In fact, I have detailed plans to create a travel size bottle to have on me at all times.  After a long flight, micellar water. If you have a long day out, micellar water.  Are you planning on attending any outdoor events, micellar water.  Anytime you want to cleanse but don't have soap and water in hand, micellar water is there.

Micellar water is everything you ever needed and more.

If anyone has tried both brands, should I still give Bioderma a shot even though I love Garnier?

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  1. Girl. I loves me some Garnier Micellar. And I adore the fact that the bottle is so big. I really enjoyed oil cleansing and thought of it as the holy grail, buterumm, Micellar is where its at, especially if my makeup was rather light that day. My opinion is, stick with Garnier if it's doing the job for every day use, and whenever you feel like "luxeing it up", and splurging, then maybe try the more expensive micellar water.


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