Sephora Stores Are Giving Out Free Hydra Facials!

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Just weeks ago, I talked about how the Hydra Facial was, in my opinion, one of the most effective facials on the market.  Why? Because it's like getting two skin treatments in one.  First, your skin is manually exfoliated with the help of a powerful pen like suction tool. Once all of the dead skin cells are magically whisked away, your bare skin is primed and ready for the hydrating serums which seem to penetrate deep within the surface.

Days after a Hydra Facial, you'll stop randomly upon seeing the reflection of yourself in the mirror and wonder "what have I done differently to my skin?" Then you'll remember that you made the wise decision of treating yourself to a Hydra Facial and now you're reaping the wonderful benefits.

The only drawback to the Hydra Facial is the price.  A session can set you back around $100.00.  If you're not a celebrity, that's quite a lot of money.  You can slip that $100.00 back in your walled because today, I learned a way that we can enjoy this skin transforming facial free of charge.
Turns out that Sephora has partnered with the makers of the Hydra Facial to create an in-store spa experience for their customers.  It's called the PERK Hydrating Facial and it's absolutely free of charge!  The only caveat is that one must purchase $75.00 worth of product to receive the free facial.  When I heard of the $75.00 purchase requirement, I was like "oh, I was gonna do that anyway, cause that's how I am."

Seriously, $75.00 is a small price to pay for a free facial, especially if you had the intent to stock up on your beauty faves. You might as well take advantage of this wonderful offer.   If you check out the video below, you'll see that the Sephora reps use a modified version of the traditional Hydra Facial machine.  It's a bit more portable.  My only wish is that, one day, the makers of the Hydra Facial will create a version of their machine that novices like us can use at home.  Until that day comes, I plan to take full advantage of this wonderful free offer.

Currently, this service is available in only available in certain Sephora locations.  Prior to your visit, you must book your facial appointment via their stores and services page.  You're required to purchase $75.00 worth of items on the day of the facial.  I can't wait to try this and see how the Perk Facial compares to the Hydra Facial.  Based on the video, it appears to be pretty similar, except the Perk Facial comes with a free gift.

I'm keeping my eyes and ears open for the day when a company launches an at home Hydra Facial machine. Until then, Sephora is going to be seeing a lot more of me.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Just booked my facial!

  2. OMG I wish I had seen this earlier. I went after work this evening and spent $72!!!

    1. I would call them and let them know you just found out about the program to see if they'll make this one exception.

  3. Ended up going back yesterday to stock up on more stuff anyway. Just had my facial. Once she got the suction figured out it was pretty great. She even analyzed my skin. Glad to know I now have normal skin as opposed to oily, and apparently I don’t need an actual foundation, just tinted moisturizer. My goal this year has been to get skin where I don’t have to wear foundation!!


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