Weekend Beauty // How To Turn Your Sheet Mask Routine into a Hydrating Facial

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The weekend is here.  Saturdays are the perfect time to incorporate beauty related activities that we didn't have time to squeeze in during the week.  This week I came across a tip that I can't wait to try today.  It's a simple tweak to the way I traditionally sheet mask that can really pay off big time.

I stumbled on this idea after reading about someone's beauty ritual online.  The woman stated that she utilizes sheet masks specifically after a shower.


Because after a long, hot shower, our skin is thoroughly cleansed and our pores have had ample opportunity to open up thanks to being immersed in steam.  The results, for her, have been heightened because the ultra-hydrating sheet mask serum penetrates even deeper.

I'm trying this today! But I'm debating whether I should actually follow her strategy of masking post-shower or should I just use a facial steamer to create a similar effect. If you don't have a facial steamer handy, perhaps you can experiment with a tea facial steam, aka the laxative facial.  I'm even thinking of taking the process one step further by cleansing first then using a mild exfoliating toner (or other exfoliating product) followed by a few minutes of steaming and finishing the facial off with a hydrating sheet mask.

Doesn't that sound heavenly?

By adding the exfoliating component, it's like we're creating a very modified version of the Hydra Facial.  If you recall, the two main components of the Hydra Facial is proper exfoliation of the skin followed by an intense rehydration.  That's my end goal because when we hydrate after exfoliating, we enjoy greater results.

Who wants to try post-shower masking this weekend and see if it's as amazing as it sounds?

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