Frustrated By Lack of Results? Try This.

It's July, which means we're already halfway through the year.  It's also the perfect time to check in and see how we're doing with our goals.  It's been a while since we set our goals back in January, which is why a mid-year check-in is necessary.

I've had several conversations lately with friends and acquaintances who feel unmotivated and lost.  We've all been there.  We feel like our lives aren't moving forward nor it doesn't look like the vision we have for ourselves.

If you find that you're feeling frustrated and unmotivated, here's my suggestion of what you need to do.

Whenever we identify a huge disconnect between what we want and the current situation, it's easy to start feeling discouraged.  That's because we immediately focus on what's missing.  We want to make six figures but instead, we're barely living off our current paycheck. Or you want to experience a loving relationship but you've been single for years.  Whatever the desire is, we tend to focus on the gap that exists between the want and the manifestation.

The gap is real. But instead of seeing it as an obstacle, I invite you to look at is a much-needed fuel.  When you want to take your car from one place to another, you need to put gasoline in the tank.  Desire is our form of gasoline....if we allow it to be.  Instead of sitting around feeling bad because we aren't experiencing what we want, I urge you to utilize the desire as a means of drawing you closer to the outcome you want.

So let's say you want to launch a business that allows you the financial means to travel and enjoy amazing experiences.  But you currently work a dead end job.  A lot of people want to experience financial security while living the life they want.  But is that desire strong enough?

You need to convert that desire into fuel that you can put into action.   Please remember that whenever you want to create a new reality that doesn't currently exist, it will require quite a bit of effort up front.  Unless you shift your energy from frustration to focus, you'll likely remain in exactly the same place. Once you've made the realization that your desire can be your most valuable asset, it's time to move to the next phase.

I want you to imagine the journey to reach your goals as like taking a long road trip.  After you've been on the road for a while, do you get frustrated and feel like you'll never get there? On the contrary, you know that you're closer now than you've ever been. Sure it may take a while longer but you're on the way.  This is the mindset that will help you reach your destination.

We should actually expect a few bumps in the road here and there and plan accordingly.  Or, at the very least, know that minor detours are normal. It just means that we find an alternate route, not that we turn around and go home. 

Being frustrated is a sign of how intensely you want to change your current situation.  You must harness that energy and apply it towards something greater. 

When it comes to actually making things happen, I prefer the slow and steady approach.  For instance, since today is Monday, I'll determine 1-3 major actions to do this week that bring me closer to my goal.  Major actions are those that actually create a new result.  Research isn't a major action.  Planning isn't a major action. Putting things into place isn't a major action.  Launching is a major action.  Major actions are typically the types of activities that can be seen by the outside world.

If you want to turn any situation around, it's not all the difficult.  You simply have to understand the potential power of your desire then translate that into focused action.  Then you must maintain that action long enough for the results to happen.  It took me many years to achieve some of my major intentions.  I wasn't discouraged because I figured that those years would fly by.  I could either chose to be in the same position years from now or I could work until I altered my future.

 Lastly, I'll share with you my #1 key to achieving what you want.......not stopping.  Slowing down a little bit is ok but stopping will kill your dreams.  Stopping (for too long) and starting again will only slow you down.

If you're dealing with discouragement, I want you to work on channeling that energy into the right fuel to transform the situation.  So many amazing possibilities can be created from the seed of frustration.  Allow your desire and frustration to become your greatest asset.

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