The Tiny Beauty Accessory That's Transforming My Skin Routine.

The older I get, the more I realize that I need to stay on top of my skin regimen.  I've decided to really focus on products and ingredients that truly have the ability to impact my skin.  Instead of purchasing a bunch of new products, I've decided to take on a completely different strategy.

Basically, it involves enhancing my current favorite products so they become even more powerful. How do I do that?  With one simple tool that elevates even the most mediocre of skin products.
Beauty finds that actually produce a noticeable change in the skin are worth their weight in gold. Those types of products usually well revered because of their top quality ingredients.  Oftentimes, I wish there was a little more of that ingredient present.  Typically, the more concentrated a product is, the higher the price tag. 

It seems that I've found a really effective way to increase the potency and power of my current skin product line up.  This solution is also mind-blowingly cost inexpensive.

Here's my secret.....

I purchased a set of mini-makeup spatulas

You've seen these little tools before.  Heck, you might even own 1 or 2.  But are you using them to their fullest potential?

Ordinarily, we utilize mini skincare spatulas to scoop creamy products without contaminating them with our fingers.  This makes perfect sense and you should continue to do so.  But let me fill you in on another, more powerful use of these wonderful tiny tools.

I use them to blend in "actives" to my skin products before applying.

What are skin actives?  Basically, I define actives as single ingredient products that provide positive direct benefits when applied topically.  Adding an additional ingredient makes the product that much more powerful which means that the difference to the skin is almost immediate.  Suddenly your everyday product is transformed into something spectacular.

These tiny spatulas are helping to take my skin from good to great.  What's awesome about them is that their size is perfect for adding to or mixing a small amount of product in the palm of my hand.  I've also become quite creative with the range of skin actives that I've added to my routine as of late.  I'm writing a follow-up post listing the current line up of actives that I  blend with my creams and serums. 

Even if you have no desire to beef up your current skin faves with actives, these spatulas are perfect for filling travel containers with your full-size product. They also help keep your high priced moisturizers free of bacteria.  Please keep in mind that bacteria is one of the root causes of acne and the last thing we want to do is promote the possibility of breakouts. 

These little tools are only pennies per spatula but, when used the right way, they make my skin products perform like their expensive counterparts. 

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  1. Ooo interesting! Need to give these a go.


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