[Video] The Face Fitness Treatment That Will Keep You Young Forever


You guys know that I'm huge fan of alternative anti-aging treatments.  Too much filler and botox will have the face looking unnatural.  Instead, I prefer to explore options that help preserve the look of youth for as long as possible.

I believe that the underlying cause of facial aging is the change that occurs in our facial muscles, bones, and skin.  Unfortunately, most products and procedures on the market only focus on improving the look of the skin.  This approach is a tad bit incomplete because it completely ignores the importance of maintaining a strong foundation to support the skin.

 Until recently, not many people touched on the subject of maintaining a strong facial muscle tone as a solid anti-aging strategy.  But now the news is out and one beauty spa is making it their mission to address facial aging from a fitness perspective.
The company is based out of the UK. I was super excited to find out that they launched a Face Gym studio in New York.  Do you ever see fit people over the age of 50 and notice the obvious difference between their fit bodies and aging face?  That's because no one ever exercises their face!  So, as they age, their arms and abs remain muscular and toned while their face ages at its normal pace.

What if there was a way to address this?

Our face contains over 40 muscles. In order to delay the appearance of aging, we must do whatever possible to keep them toned and healthy. This has been a mission of mine for years.  Wrinkling isn't my primary concern.  If we aren't able to maintain a strong muscle tone, we can keep wrinkling and sagging at bay.

The folks at Face Gym totally get this. They've designed facial workouts specially designed to keep our faces looking its best.  I've seen a bunch of notables visit their spa for facial workouts.  Recently, I recorded a session where model Ubah Hassan shared her Face Gym experience.

The video starts out with Ubah enjoying a cheek lifting work out using a plastic ball.  For those of you who are curious, the ball looks very similar to the Yamuna Balls that I wrote about in this post. I have the Yamuna kit at home and I notice a difference in the appearance of my face every time I use it.  What made me take the plunge was reading a testimony that a woman started getting carded again after using the program regularly.  In my experience, the Yamuna technique (demonstrated in the DVD) lifts my sagging cheeks which diminishes the appearance of my smile lines.  I also attribute it to helping me avoid forehead wrinkles even after the age of 40.  When I go in for facial treatments, they're usually shocked that I don't need (or want) botox at my age. Thanks to the Yamna face kit, I'm trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.

The second step in Ubah's Face Gym experience is some stimulating facial massage.  Facial massage is my jam!  Years ago, I used to do a lot of facial exercises.  But then I noticed that most of the gurus who did a lot of exercises started to look a bit strange as the years went by.  It appeared as if they "overtrained" their face.  This was not a good look.   I wanted to avoid an overtrained face at all costs and found that facial massage was the next best thing.  The skin seems to respond really well to aggressive manipulation.  Some swear that this makes the skin plumper and firmer.  You also get that added benefit of increased blood flow and circulation.  Strong blood flow to the face is what dreams are made of so it's important to produce it as often as possible.

Next, we see the woman rolling a facial tool over Ubah's face.  It sorta looks like a microneedle roller but it doesn't penetrate the skin.  The facialist informs us that the tool is designed to be used daily prior to and during product application to help improve the effectiveness and maximize absorption.  I own one of these facial rollers from The Body Shop.  It's decent but the one from Face Gym seems to have smaller "needles" which I think would work better.   Then I remembered my Lyapko Facial Roller which has the small needles, doesn't penetrate the skin, and costs a little bit less than the official Face Gym roller.  I'm going to test this out when I apply my serums & lotions to see if there is truly a difference.

 The second round of facial massage appears to be a bit more intentional.  I believe that the young lady is attempting to stimulate Ubah's muscle and bone.  As we age, the size of our jaw bone decreases.  I included visual evidence of this in this post.  In order to address this, we can implement strategies to stimulate the bone.  Bone density is influenced by how much pressure is applied to the bone.  Astronauts who live in zero gravity environments lose much of their bone density.  There's this thing called Wolff's Law which states that our bones will adapt to the load that is placed on it.  This is probably why the bodies of aging bodybuilders still look very similar to fit bodies that are decades younger.  Strength training has helped them maintain bone density similar to their younger counterparts.  Ubah proclaimed the bone massage as her favorite part of the facial.  I suspect that this is the case because when we massage down to the bone, we release a lot of tension. Especially in the jaw area.  A lot of us clench our jaw when stressed and we rarely take the time to release the built up stress.

Finally, we get to the final part of the facial which features a microcurrent massage to lift and tone the face.  I've spoken about microcurrent at length.  Basically, it's like exercising the face without the hard work.  The machine emits low-level electric current that impacts the underlying muscle.  Studies have shown that microcurrent can also eliminate wrinkles.  What other anti-aging product do you know that addresses both the muscle and the skin?

I own several microcurrent tools and none of them seem to stimulate the skin like what Ubah describes.   Most of the time, I don't feel any electrical current whatsoever.  At first, I wanted to shell out the $500.00 to purchase the Face Gym tool but then I remembered the simple hack of using a microcurrent machine/tool while wearing a sheet mask to further enhance the results.  Our skin is highly hydrated with a sheet mask. This makes it a better conductor for the electrical currents and produces better results.  Sometimes, I actually feel slight muscle soreness on my face (similar to post workout) after trying this technique.

Who am I kidding...I still may get the Face Gym tool because I really like the design and I'm obsessed with facial tools.  I hope that one day, I'll experience Face Gym for myself.  Until that day arrives, the good folks at Face Gym shared a quick video for us to give ourselves a facial fitness workout at home.


  1. Hi...love your blog but have never commented before....Have you ever tried or heard of facial flex....its similar but different approach, if that makes sense...Anyhow, check the device out on amazon.

  2. Soooo....I'm not sure how I missed this post but I did. Almost 2 years later here I am. Lol I wondered if you still use your panosonic face vibrator or does thus completely negate the need for it? Also I started eva facial exercises about 5 years ago. You are absolutely right overtime those gurus behind to look odd and in some cases very aged. I so want to know more about face gym and thank you for your amazing posts.

  3. The Panasonic Face Vibrator is a bit rough so I use it more on my body, neck and other areas with a lot of tension. Face Gym seems like an amazing program because it utilizes a more indirect method of strengthening the muscles in the face vs facial exercise which may be too intense. Facial exercise is great but only when done in moderation. I still do exercises to lift my upper eyelid and keep my cheeks toned but other than that, I rely mainly on massage and microcurrent.


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