[Who To Follow] The Jet Setting Model who indulges in 3 hour facials.

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By chance, I was scrolling through Tumblr when I landed a short video that introduced me to my latest muse.  Fate somehow led me the Instagram page of Ford Model Ubah Hassan. Her modeling career spans over 10 years. Some of the highlights of her career include being the face of Ralph Lauren and appearing in the pages of Allure and Italian Vogue.

The reason why she earned an instant follow is because of the diversity of her feed.  I've seen timelines of models who only choose to post professionally taken editorial shots.  Ubah's feed has it all.

There's tons of style inspiration because regularly Ubah shares what she's currently wearing.
If style inspiration wasn't enough, Ubah also gives us glimpses into her fitness routines as well.
After scrolling through her timeline, I  learned that she incorporates high cardio activities like boxing and cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Ubah mentions in a video that if she's craving a hamburger, she'll opt to have the burger placed on a salad instead of between two buns.  This keeps her carbs low and her figure lean.

To round off her perfect Instagram feed, Ubah also shares moments from her travels and (most importantly),  what she does to create her perfect skin.

Here we see Ubah complete her post shower routine by layering with various LaMer products.

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Notice how she slathers product on her neck and shoulder, not just on her face.  LaMer is one of those iconic brands that I've always wanted to try.  I think I'll save my pennies and splurge on at least one LaMer product this year.

Lastly, I'd love to share the video that first introduced me to Ubah in the first place.  In the video below, she appears to be enjoying a professional facial.  What you'll notice is how many steps are involved in the process.  Although we see Ubah talking, we don't actually hear her voice. So, unfortunately, we're left guessing as to what type of facial this is.  The only piece of information we have is that the duration of the facial is 3 hours long.   On thing for sure, there's quite a bit of facial massage involved in this experience.  At one point, the esthetician applies what appears to be rubber mask.  In the Korean skin care world, they're known as rubber modeling masks.  I actually purchased one late last year but I didn't have great results because, apparently, I didn't apply it as thick as seen in this video.  The thicker the paste, the easier it is to peel off.  I'm going to give it another shot now that I've seen it in action.

A video posted by UBAH (@ubah_hassan) on

Make sure you check out @ubah_hassan on Instagram.

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