Advice from a Millionaire: Create "Unique Emotion" Experiences.

A couple of weekends ago, I invested a little time into watching videos on YouTube that featured wealthy individuals.  I'm not talking about the nouveau-riche that put on the illusion of wealth. I'm talking about people who have experienced true financial success (long-term).

In one video, a guy driving an ultra high-end luxury car was stopped on the street for an impromptu interview to find out what he did for a living.  Interestingly enough, the guy never answered the question.  Instead, he offered his philosophy that may offer us a clue as to what some wealthy people do to attract this type of lifestyle.

The man shared his words of wisdom through a heavy accent. That leads me to believe that he may have come to the states from a different country.  Perhaps he may have even immigrated to this country with little net worth and worked diligently to build his current empire.  If so, then it may be worth paying close attention to his words of wisdom based on his own personal experience.

As he discussed the back story behind his multi-six figure vehicle, he admitted that the car isn't actually meant to be driven on a daily basis.  Instead, they should be utilized as part of your "UNIQUE EMOTION" experience.  "Each time you drive it, you get an emotional boost that you can not experience with any other car." He then went on to say that he only drives the car on the weekends to create that unique emotion.  Once the conversation was over, his words really stuck with me.

As you may know, I'm a huge proponent of the idea of nurturing our feel good energies for the purposes of attracting positive people and experiences into your life.  I'm completely sold on the idea of generating our "unique emotion" experiences because our emotion is fuel has the ability to create ideal outcomes.

Although he didn't detail what a unique emotion actually is, I interpret it as a feeling that isn't common in our everyday life.  When someone asks you how you're doing, you typically answer with some variation of "fine." Most of the time we're doing fine or okay.  There's nothing special/unique about feeling fine or okay.  I interpret feeling fine as the absence of a unique emotion.  A unique emotion is something that doesn't happen naturally we must create it.  Some go as far as to purchase an ultra expensive vehicle to incite those types of emotions.  I argue that while expensive toys do help create the feeling of exhilaration, there are countless ways to create unique emotion experiences for yourself.

In order to do this, you must first identify what gets you the most excited.  What brings you the greatest feelings of joy and elation?  That is what you should incorporate more of into your life on a routine basis.  If you do so, you'll have a direct impact on the vibrational energy that you give off.  This is crucial because the right mental energy can lead to a slew of positive outcomes.

I took a few moments to list some of the things that create a unique emotion at various levels.  Some of which included:
  • The feeling of deep accomplishment when I experience physical progress from working out.
  • Traveling
  • When my home environment is decluttered and organized.
  • Spending quality time with close friends.
  • Taking a day off and filling it with ideal experiences.
  • When I look my absolute best
Invest a few moments to compile your own list of what you consider an experience that conjures up unique emotions.  Then make sure to inject those experiences in your life whenever possible.  Don't allow too much time to pass without incorporating unique emotion experiences to occur. 

Protip: While you are enjoying a "unique emotion" experience, use the opportunity to brainstorm ideas.  Your mind will be much more open to new ideas than usual.  It also serves as a good opportunity to take inspired action with very little resistance.

Give it a try. 


  1. I love how when I come on here, you always have new ideas for me to try and incorporate as soon as I'm feeling myself drag my feet a bit. I love coming to your blog! One of my fav pass times. (:

  2. This is a great article! Creating these experiences will allow us to think and feel on some other level that’s beyond ordinary.
    Your content is very personal and detailed I enjoy reading your new posts. Any advice for a new blogger? I would love your feedback❤️

  3. Thanks for bringing back the motivation articles. I was afraid you were shifting to focus more on beauty and clothing.


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