Quench Your Hair's Thirst With This Ultimate Moisture Spray Mister

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Fall is still several weeks away but I'm already thinking about how much I'm not looking forward to the drier air. At first, the lower humidity feels like a much needed break from sweltering temperatures. Eventually,  I'll start to notice the effects of the dropping humidity as my skin and hair begin to suffer.

I know what's coming so I'm planning ahead.  This year, I'm a little less apprehension about maintaining moisture levels in my hair because I've just stumbled on a product that moisturizes my hair like none other.
This item is a relatively new invention otherwise I would have snagged it years ago.  Actually, I already own several of these but none of them perform like my newest acquisition.

I'm referring to my new spray bottle.  Like you, I own a small collection of spray bottles. The reason why I have so many in my possession is because I've been on a lifelong search for THEE PERFECT SPRAY MISTER.   I'm happy to inform you that my lifelong search is finally over.  For I have found the spray mister of my dreams.

Here's the issue that I've been dealing with for most of my adult life.  My hair is in a constant battle with dryness.  I've come up with a few possible remedies. One of them included frequent/daily washing.  This is a nice idea but not practical for me.  An alternative was to mist my hair with moisture during the week to maintain moisture levels until wash day.

This was a great option but could never be perfected without the right spray bottle.  Some Most spray bottles deposit too much water on the hair oversaturating it.  When the water particles are too big, that changes everything.  I needed the ultimate spray bottle that truly was capable of releasing an ultra-fine mist that my hair absorbed with the greatest of ease.  This is exactly what these newly designed misters were created to do.

When you first lay eyes on it, you know instantly that this mister is unlike the others.  The design of the nozzle is revolutionary.  One of the main selling points for this sprayer is that it has the ability to release a continuous mist for up to 5 seconds.  This is a great little benefit but, the real reason why you need this bad boy is because the mist is absolute perfection.  Days ago, my hair was dry, brittle and coarse.  Within minutes of using my new favorite moisturizing accessory, my hair was hydrated and healthy looking once again.   All I did was dilute a few leave-in conditioners in water then poured it in my sprayer.  The rest was history.

I'm not the only one gushing over how amazing this spray bottle is:

on June 9, 2018Verified Purchase
I use this hair mist every morning and I really like it. Since I have dyed my hair my hair is very dry in the morning and my leave-in conditioner does not help my problem. I just spray it on my ends and where ever is dry. And boom, it solves my problem.  I recommend buying this hair mist if you have dry hair.

If you use a spray bottle routinely in your hair regimen, you NEED to get this!  It's truly a game changer.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Nadege! There's a YouTuber I watched named Sheila Ndinda that uses a similarly shaped spray bottle in her videos. People always ask her about it in the comments. However, she lives in East Africa and tends to buy her products locally.

  2. Yes, I agree about using a aerosol spray bottle. It makes moisturizing your hair easier. Best buy I've bought on amazon.

  3. Good idea. I want to try this with a glycerin/aloe vera juice combo someone recommended. Plus there are some good products on the market that come in sucky spray bottles, and I can just pour them over into this one. Thanks!!


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