[style obsession.] The Above Ankle Length Dress

A section of my closet is dedicated to a small collection of maxi dresses that I've collected over the years.  For some reason, I'm drawn to them.  Once I find one that fits, I'm pretty much going to buy it.

So now I own a decent amount of maxi dresses that I barely wear. I couldn't figure out why I suddenly lost interest in my beloved dresses...until now.

Most of my maxi dresses are true to their name.  When worn, they practically reach the floor.  I didn't realize until today that my super long dresses are in dire need of a modern makeover.  When I stumbled this street style image of Karrueche, it was like a lightbulb came on.

Karrueche and I are about the same height (5'1).  Being tiny in stature sometimes makes it hard to find clothes that are a perfect fit.  Oftentimes, we have to partner with a tailor so the clothes fit just right.

 Recently, Karrueche was spotted enjoying a day out with a friend.  She's wearing a beautiful pattern dress and a stunning pair of heels.  After studying her look for a few moments, I picked up the following insights:

\\The (above) Ankle-Length Dress\\
The reason why I'm no longer in love with my maxi dresses is because they aren't the perfect length.  As a tiny person, floor-length dresses aren't an optimal choice.  Karrueche's dress lands just above her ankles.  Not only is this a more modern length, it also creates the perfect opportunity to highlight your footwear.

\\The Feminine Heel\\
When I wear my long dresses, I typically don't pay too much attention to the shoes I'm wearing. Most of the time, the shoes are barely visible.  But, the (above) ankle-length dress doesn't hide our shoes, it showcases them.  Can we talk about how Karrueche wore an ultra-sexy heel to balance the soft feminine energy of her dress? I love how both her dress and shoes share equal roles as statement pieces of her look.

There are a couple dresses in my closet that would be completely transformed if I were to have them altered to just above ankle length.  This newer, more modern length dress looks beautiful no matter your height.  The above ankle dress hasn't caught on as a trend just yet.  Most online fashion retailers offer midi length (just below the knee) or maxi dresses. Nothing in between.

It's time to explore new lengths. #exposetheankles


  1. Your blog touches various facets of womanhood that better us inside and out. I, too, am grazing the 5' 1" height territory and recently wondered why my beloved maxis weren't working anymore. I decided to get them hemmed to ankle length but I hadn't executed the decision yet because... well... a cut is a cut. This article has solidified my future action to #exposetheankles. Thank you again for another right on time write.

  2. I don't think I can pull this off. Imo, karrueche cant either. It makes her look even shorter, plus its modest like something a teacher would wear. Its modest though.


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